How to dress for an informal get together with college friends? Answer is here.

You could dress informal or casual and still look successful, mature and fun

Every human being in his twenties would be nervous about his appearance in countless situations. Of them the most critical scenarios are Job Interviews, meeting the parents of the spouse or girlfriend, dates, meeting old college friends, etc,.

In this article, we are going to talk about the perfect dress code, when meeting old college friends. All of us agree that college was both fun and stressful. The fun part was all thanks to the friends, we were surrounded by. However, the stress kicked in when, we realized that our future depended on our college degrees.

College friendships last longer than school ones because that is the first relationship we develop after we finally mature. So, when you receive a phone call saying that the college reunion is coming up and all your friends are attending, the first thought that crosses your mind is “What do I wear?”. What to wear is a great keyword, isn’t it? Yes. off course. Married guys have heard it endless times in their life.

dressing for friends get together

Your reaction is totally justified. Meeting college friends is super fun. But there is also the pressure of showing them that you are now a successful, matured person but still the same fun person they know in college. So, the answer to your question “What do I wear?” is, without doubt, dressing casual and chic.

friends get together dressing

Some one very rightly said “A man’s age is something impressive, it sums up his life:  maturity reached slowly, struggles against many obstacles, illnesses cured, griefs and despairs overcome, and unconscious risks taken. Maturity formed through so many desires, hopes, regrets, forgotten things, loves.

A man’s age represents a fine cargo of experiences and memories.”  So, your goal clearly should be to present the new evolved ‘you’ to the world.

So let’s get back to our topic dressing for an informal get together with friends.

How to dress for an informal get together with college friends

Let us get down to the basics of How to dress for an informal get together with college friends?

Following are the steps to make you look casual, chic and enviable in your next college gathering:

Step 1: Make a mental picture of how you want to look on the get together day. There is a good reason for you to take a walk back down memory lane and see old pictures of you back from the college days. This is a good idea as this would help you retain the person you were in college, when you are dressing for the reunion.

outfit for friends get together- How To Dress For An Informal Get Together

Step 2: It is a good idea to consider the venue, season and time your reunion is scheduled in, on and at.

Your clothes need to be appropriate, smart and should keep you comfortable throughout the party.

Good choices for women would be chic skirts with smart blouses or a pair of well-fitting jeans and may be a silk blouse.

Men could consider a pair of semi casual trousers with a shirt or a pair of jeans with a shirt. This can also be a good dress for an informal college interview.

Step 3: Time to raid your wardrobe to find that ideal piece of clothing that would portray you as you wish to be seen. It is great if you are successful. If not, it is a great reason to go shopping.

Note: It is absolutely imperative for you to try the clothes on before you purchase them. Comfort is, after all, the underlying need of the hour.

Shoes for Informal meetings

Step 4: Now that your clothes are ready, the next thing that you should decide on is shoes.

Two things that would influence your choice would be, again, the weather and the venue.

Women, it is time to experiment with those new stilettos you bought. They would make you look taller and elegant.

For Men, since the attire is casual and chic, a pair of casual boots would be perfect.

Now that we are breaking up entire styling thing, it seems that dressing up for informal get together is not that tedious task.


Step 5: A lovely assortment of clothes could be ruined to bits if your hair is a mess. So, if you were postponing that salon appointment due to lack of time, then now would be a great time to make that visit.

Some people can pull off the right-out-of-the bed messy hairdo effortlessly.

However, if you are not one of those people, a little research on what would be the perfect hairstyle for you could only do you good. When in dilemma, always choose a hairstyle that is hot, irrespective of season, time of day or occasion.

Hairstyle also plays an important role, when you are deciding on dressing for informal get together with friends after years.

Step 6: Throw in a little of what is in trend during that time into the mix. Apart from finding something that goes with your personality and your dressing sense, adding a little of what is in trend will lead to the perfect assortment of clothes for any occasion. The color in trend, the prints that are in and the perfect fit is what will take your clothes an extra mile. Perfect fit of anything is the best answer to how to dress for an informal interview

best dressing at friends gathering

Layering is the new in thing

Step 7: If you want to look Chic and still throw in a little sophistication, then a good option would be layering up. You could add layers with a pull over or a cardigan or just a simple printed scarf. Any of these would end up making you look stunning.

We know that you are still not done with finalising on how to dress for an informal get together, but still you can take a look latest skirt trends

Step 8: Make up: Remember that this is the bunch of people, who saw you through, maybe the most critical times when you were still deciding how you wanted to look.  Then there were also those who bloomed late. So, you really don’t need to go all out and look different. Let the friend that they always knew still be there. Just clean up nicely.

A tip that is applicable for both men and women is that looking your age would be the best style if you can pull it off without any additional effort and no pretensions. So, definitely minimal make up and lovely hair teamed with lovely clothes and attitude and …. YOU ARE ALL SET

informal dresses for friends gathering

Step 9: Carry your Smile: Normally, no one would need a reminder to smile when they are about to meet their friends. However, make sure that you smile and look genuinely happy so people around you are automatically influenced by your smile.

This is the best dressing tip for an informal get together with friends after years.

You can also look stylish in regular casual wear. Just have a look at looking stylish in casual wear.

All That Counts Is Attitude

Step 10: That one last look in the mirror will show you the person you look like, the attitude and the comfort level. So, unless you get a tick on all those boxes do not step out of the house and ruin your day. Notice the confidence that builds up in you once everything falls into place. That confidence is all that you need when you meet your friends.

A few useful tips on how to dress for an informal get together.

Help make your day successful, fun with lots of loving memory:

  • Select clothes based on what is appropriate for the occasion while keeping in mind that it should complement your body and style. Though informal is the word defining your meeting, get together or reunion, but an impression creation is very much necessary.
  • Aping style is never successful; setting your own style is always a better choice.
  • Investing in all time classics like a pair of Jeans, a cashmere sweater or pull over, a cardigan and an ever fashionable scarf is a good idea. In times of confusion throwing on a classic is always safe and cool.
  • An accessory that can add the extra dash of the old college days on your evolved dressing sense would be adding a sling bag or a Jhola. This would give an authentic look.
  • Every time you get an opportunity or reason to shop, try going for a new or bolder style so that eventually your wardrobe gets revamped. Experimenting is the best method to keep yourself fashionable.

How To Dress For An Informal Get Together- cool dressing for meeting friends                            How to dress for an informal get together

Fun time – best times

Finally, before stepping out for that fabulous reunion with your old college friends, ensure that you are wearing your young heart and your invigorating smile. That will take care of anything that is missing in your attire. Hopefully, this has helped you prepare for your important day. Wishing you make many more memories to remember for the rest of your life and share it with your loved ones. We hope you have got the perfect answer to How to dress for an informal get together with college friends?


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