How To Accessorize A Little Black Dress? Is it what you need a help on? We are also planning to write on little black dress accessories ideas. A LBD or a little black dress, they say,  is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe. You would definitely find a LBD in a Fashionista’s closet. So what is it about a black dress that people find so appealing ? Why all the hue ‘n’ cry regarding a LBD ? I mean we all have a  piece of black clothing in our wardrobe but we never give it so much importance like a Stella McCartney or a Vera Wang would. Why is a black dress a must have ?? Let’s find out why !

match for a little black dress

A Black dress is a fashion statement in itself. It makes you stand out in a crowd. Ever noticed the number of stares a girl in an LBD gets ? A black dress if worn with the right set of accessories,  can set the temperatures soaring really high. Be it parties, functions, gatherings or funerals, we can witness and experience most of our life events in a black dress. It can either become a fashion statement or a fashion faux pas depending on how you carry it.
Pick an LBD which is a perfect fit, which accentuates your curves and one which you are comfortable wearing. Because fashion is all about comfort! Fashion is ever changing, it keeps evolving with time. But a black dress can never go out of fashion. It still remains as chic as it was  decades ago. Elegance and attitude are the two most important things you need while sporting an LBD. How do you find the perfect match to go with your black dress?
Here’s how.

how to find match for a black dress


1.       Firstly,  hunt down the perfect little black dress which fits your size and hugs your curves beautifully.

2.       Black and red are known to be a deadly combo. Red looks smoldering hot. Pair your LBD with a pair of red     pumps and also use red lipstick.

3.       Use your lipstick generously.  Apply 3 or 4 coats of the darkest shade of red lipstick to complement your dress.

4.       Eye makeup: this is the most important essential if you want to look good while wearing a black dress.

5.      Smoky eye makeup looks amazing and blends perfectly well with the black dress.

6.       If you aren’t quite a fan of the smoky eye makeup,  you can opt for a golden eye shadow. Apply it correctly

7.      Let the highlight of your face be your eyes. You can further work on your eyes by using eye liner and generous coats of mascara.

8.       You wouldn’t want to overdo anything. So , keep it simple.
Simplicity is the key -remember.

9.       If you have a strapless LBD or an off shoulder little black dress,  you can opt to wear a funky piece of jewelry along with it.

10.   If you are wearing a neck piece , then go easy on the earrings or just don’t wear any.

11.   You can wear huge earrings or small studs in your ears and then go a little easy on the neck pieces/Jewellery.

12.   The preferred colors for jewelry would be metallic colors or you can accessorize your dress with red accessories as well. (There’s no hard and fast rule for it. Just go with the flow and decide which colors are gelling well with the dress.)

13.   Shoes to wear with a black dress is always a matter of concern for all. High heels are the norm of the day when it comes to wearing a LBD. Black ballerina shoes can however be accommodated .

14.   Go in for pumps,  stilettos , wedges or peep toes can be a real good match with little black dress.

15.  Red footwear looks perfect if you are opting for the red – black combo.

16.  Black heels also look good .( Even if you are applying red lipstick, you can still wear black footwear).


No one can judge YOU better than YOU.
There is no written set of guidelines telling you how to look your best in a LBD.
However , An LBD speaks volumes for itself. On most occasions,  you don’t even have to wear anything along with it…
The LBD was given the status of a cult fashion dress after it was made popular by Audrey Hepburn in the movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’.

Hepburn In 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'
The length of the black dress can vary depending on your choice.

How To Accessorize A Little Black Dress

  1. Let your hair down and just look natural.
  2. You can even tie your hair up in a loose , messy bun.
    The messy bun does not mean you don’t style your hair at all. Just leave a few strands on your face and tuck a few behind .
    The idea is to look as natural as possible.
  3. Nude makeup is generally not recommended on a black dress.
  4. For all those leggy lasses,  you can experiment with fishnet stockings.
  5. Use a clutch to complete your look.
  6. Full length net sleeves also look stylish on an LBD.
  7. Navy blue or metallic blue would also complement the all black dress…
  8. Opt for bold colors as much as possible.
  9. One can also tie their hair up in a high ponytail and keep the tresses completely away from the face.
  10. For those with a defined jaw line and high cheekbones , the vintage eye liner look will make them stand out.
  11. Paint your nails red.
    ( The red and black look is a sure shot winner any day).
  12. If you want to do away with the jewelry and earrings completely, then you can just wear a watch and complete your look.
  13. There are various ways by which you can accessorize your dress. Be classy and elegant.
  14.  The black dress can also be teamed up with a pinafore.
    If you think you are looking a little out of place , try the pinafore suggestion.


With the given tips and steps, learn to match your black dress with the right kind of accessories and also to carry it off in style.

In short,  the LBD can transform anyone from a plain Jane to glamorous diva, sultry looking lady. No wonder, fashion observers and a majority of women across the world sing praises for the black dress. Not only is it stylish and sexy but also elegant and oozes femininity. So, paint the town black in your LBD. If you know a perfect way on how to style a little black dress, bingo, you are just ready to go.

WARNING, when accessorizing a little black dress:

  1. Don’t over accessorize your little black dress and your look.
  2.  Keep it simple and just play it down.
  3. Opt for bold colors . Nude colors are a total no-no when it comes to a LBD.
  4. Make sure your dress fits you perfectly. It shouldn’t be too tight wherein you can’t even breathe nor should it be too loose such that your curves and your figure is not at all visible.
  5. If you are going heavy on the makeup,  then just go easy on the accessories.

A LBD is an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. It is like the center of her universe. LBD or a black dress is always in vogue. It never goes out of fashion.  Make sure you have at least one in your closet for those special occasions. Wear your smile on your sleeve. It is the best accessory you could ever possess.  Again, attitude makes a lot of difference if you want to carry your dress in style and ease. LBD is usually worn on specific occasions.  Let your hair down and unwind.  Be comfortable.  If matched with the right kind of accessories,  you can make a lot of heads turn.
So,  go on and get dressed to kill in your little black dress. How To Accessorize A Little Black Dress? Hope we have provided you with enough stuff to move on with the party today.



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