It is very important to be the best sex partner possible. You cannot control how the relationship will turn out to be, but you can control how the s*x will be. After all, it is something that is going to give you pleasure as well. So, indulge in it wholeheartedly and enjoy the moments. You can be the best player in it and you can make your man go gaga for you all the times. This is one of the best tricks to keep man desirous for you. You can say the best to tip on how to make a man want you? So let us proceed in exploring How To Be The Best Mistress to a married man or your man?

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Mens’ needs and likes may vary from a tall or short woman to a thin one etc. but they all share an opinion about some characteristics, to be a good lover. ┬áBeing a good lover is something you are for life it is a life attitude. That’s where success in it is. Having good s*x is not only about chemistry and passion, is many more.

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The good mistress is giving. She does not say “no” or “don’t”. She wants to satisfy her lover, fulfilling his fantasies and desires. She is open minded in trying new stuff and ideas. Of course, it is advised to agree to things you are also willing to do, and don’t do something that you are not comfortable with.

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Also, the good mistress is also proposing new things and introducing new ideas to her partner to spice up their love life. She is updated about sex science and fashions. She is not lazy waiting for the other partner to do all the thinking about how to spice things up. Some basic stuff are to try new positions or diversities to traditional positions or having s*x outdoors (keep in mind that it is illegal!) Also, there are techniques that can help you make your s*x better like the┬ákegal exercises. (you can Google it for more info). Also, a good book to read is “The science of orgasm”.

This the key for how to be the best mistress to a married man or your boyfriend.

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Being a good mistress, is not only that, is having a vivid imagination and fantasies. If you are not into trying new stuff, you can play mind games with your partner, and create more fantasies at his mind, even if they won’t be fulfilled.

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Also, it is very important to know who the other person is. Some men might be intimidated by a woman that proposes new stuff. To be safe being kinky in the bedroom it is important that the rest of your relationship is stable and that you both know that what happens in the bedroom stays there and it has nothing to do with the rest of your life.

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Lastly, it is important for a good lover to take care of her body. Except the basic rules what we mean is not being thin or not, this does not matter, but no matter what she must be firm. Having the “sparkle” is not about beauty or body, is feeling good about yourself and be passionate. Show your lover that you want HIM, not the sex, make him feel unique. The mistress “binds” her lover with words, love and passion. So, you are now done with how to be the best mistress to a married man or any guy.



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