How to deal with a break up? Is this your question today? And you still love her, right? or him?

A breakup is like a broken mirror. It is better to leave it broken than hurt yourself trying to fix it

Let’s face it, breakups are the most crucial part in one’s life. No matter what tough front a person puts up, breakups can make them feel like a total loser and make them doubt their self worth.

There is an old almost overused saying that “Time heals almost anything” which is always true. Almost. In a way it does. But it’s better to consider it as an effective anesthetic.

Feelings of inferiority and mood swings go hand in hand during these trying times. It is really difficult to deal with breakup in times, especially when you can trace your ex’s updates. Thanks to social networking! Since most of the people share only good stuff going on in their lives, it can be easy to assume that your ex has moved on while you are still a mess.

We as human beings are hard wired to be emotional. A recent study says it takes approximately seventeen months to get over an ex. But at that particular time, you don’t get any clues on how to deal with the break up.

On this some may be tempted to say that they are tough and ‘emotionally immune’ and may ‘tsk’ at the so called ‘emotional fools’. But again it is these emotions which sets us apart from our ‘ine’ counterparts. Voicing out emotions isn’t a sin.

Somewhere along the line we got carried away by the notion that true strength lies in bottling them up. Sometimes it’s OK in not feeling OK. Being an emotional wreck and having a face like a punching bag  for a few days can help too. A good friend of mine once cried in the middle of  his college entrance gate and do you know? he was actually smiling the very next day! Don’t break yourself over a breakup.

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Fall in love with someone else – that is YOUR OWN SELFhow to deal with a breakup

How to deal with a break up?

There can be many situations that you are still living together after a breakup or you were into a relationship for a year or two. Let us have a look at few of the situations and the solutions.

The break up phase can be a devastating experience that leaves us feeling angry, sad and self critical. It is because we are busy replaying what went wrong in the relationship. We may feel shaken to the core of our being. Feeling frustrated is normal. Self defeating thoughts can make us feel more vulnerable.

According to the author Dr. Lisa Firestone, when we are listening to these destructive thoughts, we are more likely to feel humiliation than sadness over our loss. Our inner critic fuels feelings of not being able to survive on our own, often saying that no one will ever love us. The only way to shut down these ‘mental blahs’ is to get back to our usual self. This is just a circumstantial situation and you don’t need to engage your complete existence with it. Just get involved in activities. It is the best way to deal with break up.

Drawing, painting, moving in nature, walking bare foot can help you heal. Mandala drawings are also a new way of concentrating on one particular subject to forget others.

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Do something everyday to help yourself heal
Do something everyday to help yourself heal

Diverting these thoughts elsewhere really helps sometimes. I know a guy who used to spend hours boxing, post breakup, and thanks to that he has a score of laurels now. Yes, going through a breakup is an emotional roller-coaster ride, but the real catch lies in bouncing back. It takes lots of courage especially, when it is  more tempting to waddle in your own personalized pool of misery.

how to deal with a break up

And finally despite the numerous manuals and breakup survival guides the only way to deal with the break up is with the break up. Don’t wait for someone to complete your other half. Try doing it yourself, piece by piece. Who knows you might find yourself getting surprised each day. So now, stop searching on how to deal with a break up? and start enjoying life.

How to deal with a break up – on a lighter note the breakup song from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has added a chirp and quirk in break up deal.

Watch the song – learn dance on this song. Enjoy yourself.

Engage yourself in activities, call old friends. It is the best time to come out of the clouds of romance and love. In correct words to be real in real world. I can’t find the best answer on how to deal with a break up than this.


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