How to do Hair Spa at home naturally? Yes, with all natural products, which I personally do at home to benefit my very long, straight hair. Here are hair spa step by step at home. All you have to do is collect all natural hair care products. This is also a home remedy for dry hair. You can also get softer hair compared to your regular hair day.

If you go for Hair Spa treatments at parlors or salons, your hair will be treated with all sort of chemicals such as silicons. These chemicals and products give good hair for time being, but damage them in long run.

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Step by Step Guide for Hair Spa at home for dry hair naturally?

Oiling of Hair – Nourishing hair

First, we will start with oils. Oils are always beneficial for skin and hair. Your first beauty regime is get them and mix them in a container. Ghee makes your hair super smooth and castor oil assures good hair growth. You can slightly heat both of them on stove.

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For adding luster to your hair, which is lost because of day to day pollution and work.

Go for almond oil and olive oil. The most regular used product coconut oil. Mix them all in a container. Heat them lightly and apply it warm with help of cotton in your complete scalp and entire length of hair. Give a light massage and feel relaxed.

You can also create spa like environment at home by lighting candles, switching on good soft music.

Leave it for an hour. If you can tolerate, leave it over night. This is the most basic step for hair spa at home for dry hair.

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For Hair spa at home for dry hair

Washing Hair – Cleaning for hair spa at home with natural products

Wash it with mild shampoo. You will notice that traces of oil are still present, which is difficult to remove. The only thing you can do is let it dry. Once they are dry, be ready with one more preparation.

hair spa at home naturally

Hair Pack – Conditioning for hair spa at home with natural products

This step will give you actual answer of your question How to do hair spa at home naturally specially for dry hair.

Take one egg, curd or yogurt, ripe banana, honey, lemon, a tea spoon of any oil once again.

Eggs are anyways good for health and beauty.

Eggs restore elasticity of your hair.

Curd and eggs are good source of protein. These days, there is trend for protein packs in parlors and spas, where they prove to be heavy budget to your pocket. Here, we are using natural products without any chemical effect. If you hate smell of curd and eggs, Beauties,  you can do anything to look fab. Come on, this is just an egg.

After seeing, after effects of this pack on your hair, you will forget any before effects.

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Banana and Honey are good moisturizing agents. This pack maintains PH level of scalp.  We are using combination of honey and lemon especially to address the issue of dandruff in your hair and scalp. Take this entire mixture and blend it well with help of blender. Apply it equally by making parts in your scalp and your complete hair length. Keep it for an hour.

I know, its very difficult as this mixture is not going to dry at all but start dripping soon. To avoid it, you can clip your hair upwards and wear a shower cap. Meanwhile, you can just switch off lights, enjoy candle light with soft romantic music. You can even light scented candles or spray some good fragrance to enjoy your hair spa moment at home. Just close your eyes and enjoy for an hour.

how to do hair spa treatment at home

Relaxation is the best beauty technique.

neem-oil-for hair spa at home

Note: If you keep on doing hair spa at home with natural products, it will start showing good results in hair fall too. You need to do this hair spa at home for dry hair in every 15 days. If you wish to have proper results for hair spa at home for hair fall, then you can add brahmi to the pack.

After an hour, go for a hair wash. Wash it thoroughly. If needed use shampoo twice. Let it dry and be prepared to witness your ultra spa treated hair. You will enjoy being in your hair or your hair falling down your face with all the softness and luster. They will even de-tangle in single stroke of comb, which is going to make you more than happy. So this is the recipe for How to do hair spa at home naturally which is very light on your pocket with a healthy smile on your face. 🙂


    • Thanks Prachi, I will come up with many such home remedies which I are very beneficial and instant


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