How To Get A Guy Talk To You? Is this question worrying you? A Shy personality should not be a hurdle to great friendship. There is a lot to explore in this article on how to talk to a shy guy?

Is it the first step to get a guy love you, like you or fall for you?

All of us agree that it is not easy to mind read or know what a person of the opposite gender is thinking or feeling. When the opposite person is a boy the task gets a little more challenging as most of the times men tend to mask their feelings or reaction. The real problem is when a boy is shy and there is no possibility of knowing what is going on their minds as shyness makes them build a wall and not let you enter their terrain.

“Introversion is only a flaw if it’s perceived to be. Shy people in this society could use a dose of self-acceptance and self-awareness,” says Dr. Helgoe.

Many a times we are faced with this critical problem of how to get this shy friend of yours feel comfortable around you especially if you are a person from the opposite sex. This problem though not very intricate could affect many beautiful relationships. So, primarily one must be aware of the fact that the reason a person is not comfortable around you is because of shyness and nothing else. Being empathetic or sympathetic would not help a great deal in making a shy guy comfortable.

How To Get A Guy Talk To You

You need to know the art of talking to a shy guy. So no need to worry a lot. Just go ahead and read the tutorial on How To Get A Guy Talk To You. Talking can make enemies friends, then how can shyness still be a hurdle. So, your first step is to make the shy guy talk to you.  My friend, it needs to be done very carefully to ensure you don’t scare him away.

If this initial step is to get that guy fall for you, like you or love you then it is a must to go through this tutorial.

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How To Get A Guy Talk To You

The following could be the possible steps to start a relationship with a shy guy.

Step 1: It is of utmost importance that you start your relationship by having a conversation with the guy. Conversations are also a milestone in case of shy people. So here is how you can strike a successful conversation with a shy guy:

  • Ensure that you are very very subtle in the way you approach the guy in order to have a conversation. Never be that bold and loud in the face kind of a woman, which might make him go further into his shell. So the most suitable start would be a plain simple ‘Hi’.
  • After you have successfully without scaring him made a contact then very smoothly and continuing the subtle attitude give him a genuine compliment. However shy the guy is, he would still appreciate it and may be open up a little bit. You need to be cautious that the compliment is not very embarrassing or makes him conscious then there would be an adverse affect. Complimenting about something he is wearing is safe and most times successful. You could try something like “ That color shirt looks very good on you” or “ Nice watch! “ etc

Conversations with a shy guy would usually be a lot of you talking and just one word answers from the opposite side. So, get your cue and ask him questions

  • that would for sure need detailed answers.
  • Another important step while trying to converse with a shy guy is that you should be a great listener. During the little initial talks, if you are listening properly then you sure would get a hint from the guy regarding his interests and elaborating on that will help you gain the time to ease into a conversation effortlessly.
  • Sometimes self revelations by you may help him gain confidence. However, care must be taken to not divulge too much into personal stuff as that might make an introvert or a shy guy uncomfortable.
  • ‘Being patient is the key’ with a shy guy, you cannot expect two minutes results. You might start off with the conversation however, do not expect the shy guy to automatically jump in. He might take his time and only start talking when the time is right, when he is comfortable or when he is sure that he can talk to you.


  • Step 2:  Take time in handling the guy. Rushing into the next step would be a risk. They may not be comfortable as yet, unlike other people. So, watch out for the subtle hints he might throw around telling you he is OK talking to you or comfortable around you.


  • Step 3: Ensure that the conversation continues as it only helps build the bond. Try texting. This is also a mode of conversation as many have experienced that shy people may be very reluctant to speak over the phone or in person but are absolutely comfortable texting and will be more confident and relaxed while being their true self. When it comes to sharing of feelings and the main point “How To Get A Guy Talk To You“, then texting is the most opted answer of all.
    Step 4: Understand more about the guy and remember to be honest as it adds on to his comfort level. You being pretentious would show up or sum up in some way and that would only make the situation bad. Also remember, he is a guy and they like to be in charge, so ask him for help with something he is good at or just ask him to help you with “ purchasing a few books” or “ help you look for something online” or just plain ask for his company when going somewhere etc. This is the simplest step for How To Get A Guy Talk To You.Step 5: Try to help him work with his shyness, without offending him: Now that he is more comfortable around you and converses with you from time to time, why not take the next step of low risk socialization. Try bringing your shy guy to meet may be your best friend or a small group that you know, he will be OK being around them. Watch out! Be absolutely careful and watch out for any sign of discomfort from his end and get out of the situation as soon as possible and drop the idea for some time to come.Step 6: Continue to meet and communicate with the shy guy as it helps make the relationship stronger and also helps him with clearing away his shyness. This doesn’t mean that you take the reins in your hands and always make the decisions. This would make him more passive and that is no good for a good relationship. So, sometimes drag him into decision making i.e. “So, what do we do next Friday?” etc. This will suffice the guy’s ego and both of you will still be enjoying the happy healthy relation.The above steps surely help you start a conversation and build a relationship with a shy guy, however, there are few minuscule mistake that you might commit to wreck the complete effort. Those points, which can totally wash out your efforts to answer the question How To Get A Guy Talk To You.

    • Be very careful about the way you are around a shy guy as they might get very easily intimidated by you and your body language.
    • Be very sensitive to the underlying cues that a shy guy would give out like his body language or choice of words or no talking at all. This obviously means that the guy is not ready or still not comfortable to talk to you or be around you

    The most cardinal sin would be discussing about the

    • shy guy with your friends as this would just make him even more closed. It can even wash out any chance that you may have a relation with him
    • Do not ask him out right the first time you are face to face with each other. You will come across very loud or very bold. This is just enough to shut the door forever.
    • Only because the guy is shy it doesn’t mean he is any less of a man. So, please be careful to not be over dominant or take complete control of the situation and belittle him in anyway.

    Finally would like to leave you with a nice quote said by someone very interesting. Especially, when you are searching ways on How To Get A Guy Talk To You?

    “What a boring world this would be if everyone were the life of the party!” says Dr. Helgoe. “I would instead urge women to consider the quiet man by himself at the bar. He is probably much more interesting — and interested in you.”
    Believe me if this silent guy will fall for you, he is going to love you like anything.


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