Let us have a look at a quick guide on useful tips on how to get dimples on cheek?

Dimples on the face are always considered as one of the beauty statements. Having a dimple on the cheeks has always been consider a beauty. There are many Bollywood celebs who flaunt their deep dimples on their cheeks and gain lots of appreciation. But do you know that dimples are actually. Dimples on the cheeks are actually an abnormality or genetic defect of muscles. So let us go in deep study to get dimples, naturally?

What causes dimple on the face?

Zygomaticus major is the muscle responsible for creation of dimples. When this muscle is short enough and gets attached to the skin of face. It gets stretched hard while expressing a smile or speaking, which leads to creation of a dimple in the skin. It is actually an abnormality, which creates the attractive looks.

So now, whenever you wonder, ways to get dimples naturally, then you will smile to know that its a deformity of the muscles.

It is difficult to have dimples naturally.

How to get dimples?

There are many ways to get dimples on cheeks. It can be surgery, exercise or makeup. Let us explore all the options.

What is done in dimple surgery?

There are two types of dimple creation surgery. Dimple piercing and dimple plasty.

Dimple Piercing

Some people suggest piercing of cheeks for creating dimple on the cheeks, but it is not the actual solution. As explained, for creation of dimple, a muscle is responsible for the indentation in the cheeks. Then it is very logical to understand that drilling a hole outside will look only artificial. Some people also call this as dimple piercing. Dimple piercing on the face needs lots of hygiene maintenance.

Side effects of dimple piercing – There are chances of getting allergy or impurities.

Dimple Plasty – Surgery for Dimple creation

A very small incision is made inside the cheeks to create dimples. The dimple surgery is called as dimple-plasty. The dimple surgery requires local anesthesia. Only Cosmetologist can do dimple surgery. The surgeon observes the facial expression of the client. He finds the best place to mark the dimples. The surgeon will discuss with the clients about the location and make a mark. Outer side of cheeks will remain clear. Only inner wall of cheeks will have stitches. Stitches are dis-solvable. The surgeon will play his trick of making the muscle shorter and attaching it to your skin. Dimple surgery is in a way safe option.

It is very much necessary to take care of stitches inside. The person can get back to work from the very next day.

Dimple surgery side effects – Ageing has always been a matter of concern. Since the skin starts ageing, it begins to lose elasticity. Since the indentation is artificial the muscle will start drooping.

Artificial dimples stay on whether you smile or not but real dimples appear only when a person smiles. So the happiness of getting a special smile will disappear.

How to get dimples naturally?

People keep on searching for ways to get dimples naturally or with surgery. You can go for facial exercises to achieve dimpled look or do makeup for dimple creation.

Exercise to get dimple on cheek – how to get dimples with exercise

The way people are mad for dimples on cheek, they search out for all possible ways to get dimples. Exercise to get dimple on cheek is easy to do. Perhaps, this may help some people to serve their quest on ways to get dimples.

Exercise 1 to get dimples on cheeks : pressing in a pen, bottle cap or spoon to get dimples

There are many videos and articles on net explaining to hold fingers on the cheeks and press it hard and smile to the max, you can. It needs too much of patience and regular attempts. So keep on doing this exercise to get dimple on cheek.

Exercise 2 : pout lips and suck cheeks

Sucking in your cheeks with full pressure also creates in indent. Along with this, pout out your lips to create immense pressure.

Makeup tricks to show dimples on cheek – ways to get dimples with makeup

Second option is to use make up techniques to show dimples on your cheeks by using a blush of darker shade and creating a moon shaped blush pattern. You can use a shade darker than your skin shade. For Indian skin tone, a Bronzer or brown eye shadow will do. Smile once to check, where you exactly want the indent. Apply a moon shaped Bronzer. Smudge it thoroughly. It should have a shadow like effect. Smile and you are ready to flaunt the fake dimple.

How to get dimples? Naturally – Is it possible?

Dimples are genetic heredity. If someone in your hierarchy, possesses dimples then there are chances that your progeny can get dimples naturally. Just like the color of the eyes.

So, enjoy your natural look or think of the surgery. Dimple on the face is always going to reign hearts of beauty mongers. In this article, we have tried to suffice your hunger on ways to get dimples with out surgery, with surgery? and provided you with the list of celebrities with dimples.

We would love to cover our celebs, who have undergone knife to look good. So far, have a look at Top 10 most beautiful Hindi Serial actresses, we have listed.

Celebrities with dimples

Some people who are very famous for their beauty with dimple on the face.

Preity Zinta She is a very fine actor of Bollywood as well as owner of IPL cricket team. Her dimples are always discussed with her name, Preity Zinta with dimples.

Preity Zinta dimple on face

Preity Zinta dimple image

So far, you learnt about what is the cause of dimples? You would feel the thrill after knowing that these stars and their dimples are extremely popular among their fans.

Deepika Padukone, apart from being very popular actor, gains lots of appreciation for her dimpled face and dusky skin look. Miss Padukone is a dusky beauty of Bollywood with dimple on the face. Deepika Padukone dimples are highly appreciated with her looks. You can watch out for Deepika Padukone dimples in our latest wallpapers of Deepika Padukone


Alia Bhatt, this cute little package of sweetness is what I really admire. She is naturally so beautiful and her dimples on the cheeks add to the overall beauty of her looks. You think of Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya or Student of the year or her most appreciated look in Two States with Arjun Kapoor. You would love to see Alia Bhatt dimple face in our upcoming latest wallpapers of Alia Bhatt post.

how to get dimples
dimpled beauty

Bipasha Basu – If we talk of dusky beauty of Indian Cinema and not talk about Bipasha Basu, then it will be a big miss. But if we talk of Bipasha and don’t talk about her dimples then it will be a real mess. Bipasa is known for her bold performances. People also wish to see Bipasha Basu without makeup to admire her dusky beauty.

bipasha-basu dimples

Bipasha Basu is also known for her dusky look and confidence in her attitude.

John Abraham –

Not in the list of the ladies brigade, but I don’t want to miss out this handsome hunk in my favorites list. There can be many man of Bollywood having dimples, but the smile John throws with his dimples takes away million hearts and her female fan following love him for his dimples too.

how to get dimples

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole is very popular American singer. She is so popular in America that there is a rise of 11% in demand for dimple plasty. Cheryl Cole flaunts natural dimple on both her cheeks, which makes her look immensely beautiful.

surgery2-gt cheryl cole dimple


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