Besides mesmerizing eyes and pretty skin, attractive lips are also a definer  of a pretty face. Every girl fantasize for soft and luscious lips but this becomes an unfulfilled dream, when no loving care is done to the lips. Dry and dehydrated lips, concludes the careless attitude of a person. Lips requires moisture and proper care in our day to day lives. So, here’s a guide to maintain the beauty of your lips and how to get soft pink lips naturally.


How to get soft pink lips

Tips for natural pink lips are really useful. Glowing skin and pink lips naturally gives a radiant look to a beautiful woman. If proper care is taken, lips can radiate out the best beauty feature of your face.

Keep your lips hydrated – lip care tips

Drinking adequate amount of water, moisturizes the lips from within and keep the body, skin and lips hydrated for a long term. Regular intake of fluids removes the chapped and dryness around the lips. During chilling winters, you won’t feel a need to drink water, but you should maintain your water quotient to stay hydrated. Water is the best treatment for dry chapped lips.


Know your lip balms

Vaseline works well on dry and chapped lips via retaining the moisture of lips. Shea butter is a healthy ingredient to make the lips glow. Lip balms containing Shea butter and jojoba oils are pretty much helpful for sensitive lips. The formula of applying adequate lip balms keeps the lips moisturized and appealing. Whenever you feel dryness of lips, go for a mild lip wash with plain water. This is also a way to maintain hygiene and health of lips, dry it with napkin and apply a lip balm and you are ready to go.

 Exfoliate Lips – Lip care tips

Lip exfoliators contains fruit-acid-based alpha or beta hydroxide acids, which helps in removing the dead skin of lips should be use when the lips looks dry and dead. Those with sensitive lips must use them cautiously with suitable selection of lip exfoliators. Lips have real soft skin so never use hard hand on it. Always try to do it with gentle hands.

how to get soft pink lips

Protect from exposure to Sun

Remember, most of the harm to lips comes by the huge exposure of sun. Melanin helps in shielding skin from sunburns which is a deficiency in those who are affected by sunburns easily. To retain the melanin, many sun-protective products  like Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer SPF 15 are available in markets as per the required SPF for a particular person’s lips. Keep your lips covered with good lip balm, whenever you are out in sun.

how to get soft pink lips

Use good quality lipsticks

Moderate use of lipsticks is must for healthy lips as they contain various harmful chemicals which are not good for lips.  Lipsticks with Shea butter, Vitamin E, jojoba oil etc are beneficial in retaining moisture of lips. Lip Balms should be taken in daily use rather than lipsticks. There are innumerable brands available in markets now. All you need is select the one, the best suitable for your lips. Vitamin enriched lipsticks are good source to apply on lips.


Use anti-ageing creams for lip care

When undergone with wrinkles around the lips , the anti aging creams and balms are profitable. Smoking prove out to be disastrous for lips as it destroys the natural look of lips and make it look black and weird. Anti aging elements like Retinol are healers for the deliberate conditions. Thence, should be taken in adequate use. Wrinkles around the lips proves to be a disaster for overall look. Use a good quality anti ageing lip cream to maintain beauty of lips.


Try natural tips for pink lips

How to make lip balms at home?

Making lip balm at home is not a big deal. Homemade therapies, to detail a few. Delicious home made lip balm can be created from cranberry sauce juice with two tablespoons of Vaseline. You can store this recipe in a thoroughly washed jar. This will give your lips, a lush soothing soft look.

For making lip balm at home you can use all natural ingredients.

Natural ingredients for making lip balm at home.

  • Bees wax
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Essential oil
  • Lip color (If you wish to add color, you can add your old lipstick or bit of your favorite lip color)

You can put this mixture on double boiler at low heat flame. Mix all natural ingredients well. If you wish, you can also add Shea Butter, mint extracts, lemon, orange juice as per your requirement.

pour the mixture in some attractive jar. You can also use used lip balm pot. Let it cool in a freezer. You are all ready to use your own home made lip balm.

Natural remedies for pink lips

Massaging lips with coriander leaf juice, helps in making lips soft and provides them rosy look. Lime juice along with Glycerin mixture when used overnight on a regular basis lightens the the black skin of lips and helps in regaining the natural color of lips with a rich vibrant look. Rosy lips are desire of every woman. Instead of spending on artificial treatments to make dark lips to pink, try out this natural remedies for pink lips.

natural tips for pink lips

Treat your lips right with suitable lipsticks or glosses along-with a loving care and enjoy its natural flawless look. Make sure to eat good and healthy food as it enhances the body’s beauty in which lips also resides. Green tea and fruits are healthy and profitable in maintaining good health. Thence, eat well to look well. We would suggest not to avoid healthy oils, Ghee or butter completely from your diet. Good fat content is equally important in body to maintain cushioning of joints and elasticity of skin. Done with all details on how to get soft pink lips naturally. 🙂