How To Make Easy Rangoli Designs Step By Step, need a guidance for that? Let me help you with it.

When it comes to any Indian festival celebrations, who stays in the center of all? Lady of the home. Yes, ladies are the pillars of our families, be it a wife, daughter or mother.

What you all do on the auspicious day? In Gujarat, we consider Dassera as a very auspicious day. It announces end of 9 days long Navratri fasts and declares the welcome of Diwali. Here, in Surat, you won’t find a space to walk in markets, from the day of Dasarra. It is also known as Vijaya Dashmi.

The Rangoli preparation is now very  much in demand because of upcoming festivals and celebrations, going across the country. Let us all celebrate our happiness by creating the most unique Rangoli designs. Not only Diwali or Dussehra, Kolam is made on Pongal too. You can consider this simple Kolam designs for beginners on this Pongal.

easy rangoli designs step by step

We offer Naivedh to Devi Durga as per our family tradition, make garlands of Marigold and Asopalav. Hang it on the main door and all vehicles of the family. Even if, we are about to buy a new vehicle, we do it on the day of Dussehra. The festival of Dassera is celebrated to celebrate the virtue of victory of good over evil. We prepare some delicious sweet dishes. Finally, prepare for Rangoli at the entrance or foyer of the house. Before going for procedure for creation of design of Rangoli, let us have a look at why tradition of Rangoli came in to existence.

Why is Rangoli made in festivals?

Rangoli is created to welcome positive energy in home and keep it auspicious. All females are born creative and we believe that any woman can do art work in the most artistic manner. We are here to help you with the procedure to make the best Rangoli. Rangoli Kolam designs without dots needs some curvy flow of hand.

How To Make Easy Rangoli Designs Step By Step

Rangoli designs are integral part of Indian festivals. Rangoli creation in Diwali is a must. The same tradition of making Rangoli on Pongal is observed. Arrival of every festival is marked with creation of Rangoli. In Gujarat, Parsi community makes rangoli designs each day outside there homes. Mostly Rangoli designs with dots are created by Parsis.

Design of Rangoli – Creation of Easy Rangoli designs step by step

We are giving here complete details about making a Rangoli. By reading this article, any first timer can make a rangoli with 100% success rate.

  • If you have an RCC road outside your home then all you need is to clean it thoroughly with a broom and sprinkle water generously before 45 mins. It will help Rangoli designs to settle and stay long.

dassera festival rangoli images                                Kolam Rangoli Designs 2019

  • If you are staying in an apartment, then you can select an appropriate place to apply Gheru (Gheru  is the red soil applied on Indian pots), red mitti on that place, let it dry.

Rangoli Making Tricks – Rangoli Making ideas

  • If you like designs made of dots, then the process is very easy to follow. Just bring one dotted Rangoli stencil from the market and lay it in the area, where you want to create the design of Rangoli. Start putting the dots of Rangoli powder. We call it Karothi here. Then pick up the Rangoli stencil carefully. Start connecting the dots with a chalk. This is the easiest way to create step by step Rangoli designs with dots.
  • You should have Rangoli Designs book for easy creation of Rangoli Designs with dots. For this just search for Rangoli designs book free download and you will get n number of options.
  • You have to practice for proper grip of Rangoli powder in your pinch. For broad outline, hold the pinch loose. If you want to make pointed outline, the pinch should be tight enough. Innovations have taken over the world now. You don’t need to worry about creating easy Rangoli Designs step by step. The ready-made Rangoli outline tool is available for drawing lines and stencils of various designs. Rangoli design tool is available in online stores and markets. This tool is also known as Rangoli cone.
  • Rangoli powder in South India is generally rice floor. In Gujarat, marble dust is used as Rangoli powder. Rangoli powder is like sea sand.

How to Make Rangoli Cone At Home

  • If you wish to put droplet like dots, then holding the Rangoli powder in palm and pressed with all five fingers, drop it where required.
  • The other way round is take a newspaper, make a cone, drop dots and move ahead. It makes your work easy and fast. Make a simple cone with the estimation of width of outline or droplets required in mind. If you find it difficult to hold, apply cello-tape on the edges.
  • We hope you are finding many tips and tricks to create the easy rangoli designs step by step.

Now, when you actually want appreciation from your friends for creating a great Rangoli, then you have to play some tricks. Searching of Rangoli designs for competition is not just enough, Rangoli designs in competition needs to be completed in time.

diwali in india rangoli pics                       Easy Rangoli Designs step by step For Diwali

Easiest tutorial on Rangoli Designs step by step guide is here to help.

Select the design of Rangoli that you wish to create. Save the Rangoli images. Download the Rangoli pics available free online. Traditional Rangoli Designs will always stay in trend.

Prepare Rangoli stencils at home

  • Take a print out of the image, you wish to have in your Rangoli. It is good, if you can create a Rangoli of A3 or bigger size. If you are planning for a very big Rangoli, then make squares on the printout of equal size.
  • Same way, take a huge paper. A newspaper will also do. All you need is drawing scaled squares on it.

Rangoli for diwali 2015                  Easy Rangoli Designs 2019 pics

  • Now start making shapes in exact match of squares of print out. Use a marker pen to have a clear image.
  • The final outcome will make you feel that you are a great artist. Now take a sharp needle or some object which can create sharp holes. This way you can make Rangoli stencils at home.
  • Lay the same paper on the ground and put the Rangoli powder on the dots and finally pick the paper carefully. This is the most simple way of creating dotted simple Rangoli or Kolam designs for any kind of pictures. Don’t you think this is the real trick to make toughest Rangoli designs, an easy Rangoli designs step by step?
  • How to fill colors in the Rangoli? Do not worry about this too. Do you have some old tea strainers at home? It is a wonderful tool to create a shaded Rangoli. You can take help of a wheat flour strainer too for creating the shading effect and save time.
  • How to create shading effect in Rangoli?  Mixing of Rangoli colors, just like water or oil colors will give different color variations. If you don’t have any color, then mixing primary colors to achieve the particular Rangoli will work.
  • The only thing left is outlining of the Rangoli to create a defined picture. Do it with the Rangoli tool – Rangoli cone available online or in the market and the outcome is wonderful.

Rangoli Making Tricks – Rangoli Making ideas can actually help any layman start working towards creating good festive Rangolis. Once you start making Rangoli, you can explore the art by self practice.

rangoli for dussehra vijaya dashmi                           Flower Rangoli Designs images

How to make Rangoli powder at home

The ingredients required to make Rangoli powder at home:

Half cup ground sea salt (extremely fine powder)

Half cup rice powder (extremely fine powder)

For color : Candy color, holi colors, artificial colors

Mix all these ingredients. The best option is use your hands to mix. Strain it with strainer to have perfect flowy rangoli powder.

Another option that is used is very fine white marble powder. Chuna or lime powder is also used to create Sanskar Bharti Rangoli. Just take tea strainer, fill it with lime powder and start making designs like Mehndi designs.

Different Options For Rangoli Designs

When we actually run out of colors, while making Rangoli, we start using our kitchen products. It can be a turmeric for yellow, kumkum for red, crushed leaves for green. Believe me when art blend happens, the result that we get is extra-ordinary.

Rangoli patterns are not just limited to sand powders. You can use n number of imaginations to create your own unique Rangoli Designs. Flower Rangoli Designs are tradition in South India. As we in Gujarat, make Rangoli designs for each day of Diwali celebrations, for one day we prepare flower Rangoli.

Another day, we go for Rangoli designs made with cereals and pulses. Pulses and cereals have huge variations in colors available so a real distinct Rangoli can be made.

Rangoli designs with glitter papers is also possible. Here you need to cut glitter papers of different colors in small pieces. Select colors of different glitter paper. You can also collect waste material scraps of glitter papers, which you can get for free. Make a huge flower design. Add light gum on the design and spread glitter paper as per the choice of colors on the designs. I will make it a point to post pic of my glitter paper Rangoli here.

One day, we create Rangoli with dust powder of wood. We collect the waste of wood during the furniture work at home in gunny sacs. When sawing of wood is going on, huge amount of wood dust comes out as a scrap. Just few days before Diwali, we apply colors to this dust. Applying color to the wood dust for Rangoli Designs is really easy. Cover your hands with color, you wish to have on the wood dust and start holding it in hand and rubbing between the two hands. Believe me, Rangoli designs with sand dust powders have very good aesthetic effect. You can also create Natural scenery designs for Rangoli patterns with wood dust.

Rangoli can be prepared on water. You need a steady hand to create Rangoli in water with Rangoli colors. Even Flower Rangoli on water looks very elegant. You can find my other post on readymade Rangoli and some decorations with floating diya and flowers in water in my Easy Rangoli Designs 2019 post.

Place diyas across the Rangoli and make deepam Kolam designs with dots for this Pongal. I hope this tutorial on How To Make Easy Rangoli Designs Step By Step has helped you. In case, if you have any further query, drop it in the comment section. It will be immediately replied.

Since, we Gujaratis have a New year on the other day of Diwali, we prefer making some extraordinary design of Rangoli to welcome the New year. I always end up selecting creative Radha Krishna images so that I can fill, most of the colors in it and welcome same colors in my life with the New Year.

Happy Dassera and enjoy the festive season. Wishing everyone, who visited this post a Very Happy Deepavali and a very prosperous New year to all Hindus welcoming the new Vikram Samvat.

Happy Diwali, Stay happy, keep enjoying.

We are supplying Rangoli stencils, Rangoli cones and tools, if bulk requirement is there. Subscribe the blog, drop a message through the contact form. Create easy Rangoli Designs Step by Step with our online tutorial.

For reference have a look at video for Rangoli designs step by step procedure.



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