Do you really need to know the real practice of how to take care of your hair naturally in an authentic way? If yes, then go through the points listed below. If you follow this in a routine, you can definitely get something for a better.

How To Take Care Of Your Hair Naturally

Hair are the natural accessory that all of us carry but the way we carry them comes foremost. Almost daily many of us end up struggling with the improper maintenance of our hair. However, process of restoring the beauty of hair appears to be a “not so easy task”, but now it is just a misconception and can be well achieved after finishing certain useful steps and when finished, the results will be undoubtedly beautiful.

how to take care of hair

How to take care of natural hair?

Hair are basically an extension of the actual health a person is having internally. If you are not healthy from inside, you will witness hair fall, rough hair, dry hair. If you are enjoying best of health then you may witness healthy hair.

Here are those few basic steps that one should not miss at any cost for taking care of your hair:

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Let us just have a look at some basic points to be kept in mind about how to take care of your hair naturally

Hair Washing tips

Washing your hairs twice a week is sufficient, one should avoid washing them daily. Follow up with a good shampoo as per the quality of your hair. Rinse it well with fingertips on the scalp following circular motions for few seconds. Lukewarm water is the best natural cleanser, it helps in cleansing the scalp more thoroughly. You have to change shampoo as per the climate and every two months.

how to take care of your hair naturally

Use of Hair conditioner

Conditioning the hair provides them deep nourishment and luster. It repairs the dead-ends and makes the hair more managed and strong. One should condition the hair for proper time than that of shampooing. While conditioning, remember to focus on the ends of the hairs as this is the only area which appears more dead and frizzy. Hair conditioning is not a treatment for scalp, so avoid the contact with scalp. You can also condition your hair first and then shampoo. It is believed that conditioner leaves more silicon traces on hair then shampoo, so using it first is advisable.


You can go for natural home made conditioners to have healthy hair. Milk, beer, yogurt, banana are natural home made hair conditioners, which will maintain moisture level of your hair and control many problems such as frizz and dryness. After the approximate timing, rinse the hairs intensely.

Post Hair Wash Care

After cleansing the hair thoroughly, use a towel softly and drain the excess water left in the hairs. Avoid using towel harshly on the hair as it leads to hair breakage. Now,wrap the hairs in a towel and let them dry naturally for some time. After the towel dry let them dry in air naturally. Don’t use heavy towel. In case, if you have open lawn or terrace, you can allow hair drying in mild sun. Your scalp also needs sun light for good health. I wish to share my personal experience of hair care. I have super long straight hair and I never dry them with hair dryer or blow dryer. I just allow my hair to dry in natural air and sunlight.

towel dry hair care

And now when the hair become dry, comb your hair gently with a big tooth comb and avoid dryers and abrupt combs as it mismanages the hair and also leads to breakage.

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Use Natural Home Treatments for hair care

Going green is the best remedy on how to take care of your hair naturally.

To retain the moisture and luster of the hair, use protein and healthy treatments on the hair periodically. The mixture of aloe-Vera, honey, banana, eggs, yogurt etc. is beneficial for the hair. Blend them well and apply on the entire hair growth and scalp thoroughly. Keep it at least for 30 minutes and massage before rinsing it off.

how to take care of hair

Avoid Chemicals for hair care routine

Avoid using hair sprays, hair-dyes, dryers, straighteners and other contagious chemicals on hair. The natural stuffs like henna, lemon juice, egg are famous for their natural effects and can be applied periodically.

how to take care of hair

Protect your hair in heat and chill

While going out, for a long duration of time, wear a hat or something of that sort for protecting the hairs from the deadly sun rays which harms the natural beauty of hairs the most. An umbrella can be taken in usage or a sunscreen product should be well applied but it should be chemical free and made up of natural healing ingredients like Benzophenone.

hair care tips in sun

Wear a swim cap while swimming and wash the hairs intensely afterwards to avoid the excess of sweat and dirt that scalp produces while swimming.

Use Hair Friendly Accessories

Avoid using tight hair clips and other messy accessories. Hair friendly clips and loose bands should be use to de-tangle the hairs and keep them on the go with their natural flow.


we have sorted out the best possible ways to answer the question how to take care of your hair naturally? Prefer to be natural and real, in every manner. If you are negative and have absorbed negativity of the world, then your hair will speak that truth too. So stay happy, stay blessed.


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