International Yoga Day Wallpaper HD, Images, Drawings, So it’s that time of the year when we should be really proud to be and Indian.

21st June, longest day of the year is now also International Yoga Day. After becoming Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi did the most remarkable task to approach world nations to declare 21st June as International Yoga Day.

Everywhere in India as well as outside, people celebrated this day by performing Yoga in groups. All public places, gardens, memorials or somewhere roads are also reserved to observe and celebrate Yoga Day.

International Yoga Day Wallpaper HD, Images, Drawings

Let us have a look at some important aspects associated with Yoga Day.

Logo of International Yoga Day resembles two hands joined upwards. Ultimate reunion of individual consciousness with universal consciousness.


Private organisations also conduct Yoga day to join hands with harmony of universe and standing by each other.

This Year theme of International Yoga Day is climate change. In context to this a meet is organized at United Nations to discuss issues on climate change.

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Shri. Narendra Modi personally selected logo for Yoga day. Blue color symbolizes water energy whereas orange color symbolizes fire element.


International Yoga Day 21st June wallpaper with quotes


Happy Yoga Day pic with quotes

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Tighten up your Yoga Dress, wake up early, take your yoga mat and don’t forget to join the revolution called Yoga.

Yoga is not just for one person, nation or community, it is entire human species.

yoga day images wallpaper hd pics

A journey from me to we. Yoga from origination to salvation.

Different forms of Yoga – Know a lot more about yoga. Click on the link to know all about it.

International Yoga day symbol, theme and details are provided so that everyone can know best about it.

What can be rather more apt than this green yoga day pic to symbolize climate action theme of 2019.

Yoga channelizes your inner strength. Opens the blocked energy channel. Helps you to look within. Merges finite to infinite. Words fall short of describing what yoga is all about. In a contextual aspect, it is not just creating different poses through your body but merging of mind, body and soul.


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