Daman, Union territory of India is located geographically in Gujarat but is a stand alone Union Territory of Indian Nation. It was my fourth visit there. I never found anything special there every time but this time, I was excited to celebrate hubby’s birthday. The biggest bless to add to the enjoyment was season of monsoon. South Gujarat is bestowed with lush greenery in monsoon season. Huge highways of Gujarat, makes a long romantic ride from Surat to Daman. It took us 2 and a half hours to reach there.

How to reach Daman?

People consider Daman Diu as single entity, but Diu and Daman are geographically far apart on road maps. Diu is located near Saurashtra and Daman near Vapi, Gujarat. Sea route from Daman to Diu is easy, but as of now no services available.

Daman Tourism

Let me tell you, this visit to Daman, came to me as a big surprise. The place was looking better than Goa. I was so happy to see the kind of climate and people there. We thought that booking a hotel room won’t be a problem now but beware, Daman is now enjoying 24*7 tourist season in all 365 days of year. We could find a place to stay after a search of one hour. It was fun exploring so many hotels and above all beauty of Daman. All roads were running next to the beach. It so inviting to have a drive on such roads with gloomy sky. Miramar Daman is highly sought after place in Daman. It costs you some bucks to stay full day here. They also provide room accommodations, which are best in class. Mirasol and Miramar Daman have become options for Daman.


Earlier, major tourist attractions in Daman for people of Gujarat was for alcoholic drinks, as in the state of Gujarat alcohol is banned. But now, scenario has completely changed. For me, it is decided to have repeated short breaks at Daman. And this time, I am not going to forget my shorts, tees and hats to enjoy the lusty climate here.

Daman photos

Places to Visit in Daman

Finally, after booking a room, we preferred to have a short nap. We could enjoy the roaring of sea in the room. After getting freshen up, we moved to nani Daman. This is a beach where earlier boating, horse and camel riding were done. But now, sea has grabbed the land. It was fun to dip feet and welcome those huge tides. Me and my son got completely wet with the high tides. It was the first time experience for my 4 years kiddoo. Our clothes were smelling foul now and needed a change. All solutions are easily available here. We purchased new dresses from market at Devka beach and ready to go again.There is one more market at nani Daman in the fort like structure. Here you can buy electronics, clothes, toys and all makeup accessories.

I am adding something here after my second visit. You can spend an evening time at Nani Daman beach which is right now studded with black granular sand, maybe Daman Tourism loaded to avoid erosion. The place Jetty or Fort of Daman that I mentioned here is at a distance of kilometer or two from Nani Daman Beach. You can take a long walk a along the beach side to reach Jetty, Daman Fort. Nani Daman, Jetty Daman Fort, Devka beach are great places to visit in Daman. You can search out for N number of accomodation and hotels in Daman. Hotels in Daman are posh, luxurious to budget and economy class. You can even find a stay at homes, where residents have separated some rooms for tourist. Daman Tourist places are majorly attraction for relaxation and rejuvenation. People are coming up with their own innovative ideas of attracting tourism. You can see many resorts on the way to Daman. Daman, Vapi and Silvassa are triangular regional area. Khanvel resorts are also famous places for tourist attraction. How to reach Daman? It is just a 15 minutes drive from Vapi, 30 minutes from Valsad and 2 and half hours from Surat.

Local people told us to visit Jetty once. Jetty is a wonderful place here. It reminded me of Juhu Chowpatty, Mumbai. All street side food vendors, a garden, a fort and a beach. What a place to be in the evening. We enjoyed having dinner there. Egg rolls are specialty here and you would love to see the way,  they are prepared.

Daman Photos

Tourist Attractions in Daman

The major tourist attractions in Daman is the beach and natural beauty.

The other day, I could see the excitement of the place, in my son. He woke up so early and to my surprise, he was watching see with tooth brush in his hand!. He was so excited to reach the beach that we got ready  quite early and rushed to the beach. Still there was no rush. There are home made kind of restaurant cum bar at the sea side which were also about to get open. We enjoyed sitting on the beach. The waves were taking us to some deep meditative level. It was a tranquility of mind and experience of immense peace. The sea and the beach was so captivating that we were not able to leave the place. We had lunch there only and spent evening there. Veera Da Dhaba on highway side of Daman is also providing a dhaba like ambiance. Here you can sit for hours on khatiya have good veg and non veg food with all sort of services. If you wish to stay at the beach side then Cida de Daman is a great option. Deltin Daman is outside of Daman. They can plan a full enjoyable day at their own place for you. If you wish to spend a day at beach then definitely you should stay at Devka Beach or Nani Daman. Market of Nani Daman is very  fascinating for purchasing first copy of branded purses, sun glasses, chef knives, shampoos and good variety of men’s apparel. Devka beach, you can get good apparels for females which are best to be worn at sea sides.

It is really a wonderful place to be. Though, I was not able to interact more with the people here but language spoken by people is basically Gujarati. They look like Konkani people. But there caste and sub castes were similar to that of the people of Surat. My next visits to Daman would definitely be more informative and details about the fort and old market will be explored to have a feel of the area in the better manner. I really don’t know about the Portugese stay here, but surely they would have stayed here, as it is very similar to Goa, Diu, Pondicherry. Whole post is giving good idea on what to see in Daman.




  1. Very nice and well informative post. Have been to daman thrice but never really enjoyed much – maybe because it was a tour from office all the times – hence, boring. But this time, I can surely give a try how you’ve suggested. Everyone deserves a break and so I will definitely go through your post again before I leave for Daman.


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