He is what you want right now, but you are not sure that, he is the one you would want for father of your child. Do you know, you wish to proceed further with this guy and wish him to take responsibilities of the family? If you are not sure about him, do you think you should break up? Today’s article is all set to determine the best in a man and what a woman needs from him.



You think that he would be a great father but what if he is terrified at the idea? Only you know when it is useless to try to change his mind. We know that trying to impose a situation will only make damage and that if you think children are essential to your happiness, you should try and find that happiness.

There are questions about your relationship that is good to ask to yourself when you are 21 and others that might make sense when you are near 30. The question of this article is clearly one of the second category. On the other hand, choosing someone based on his ability to make family, is not recommended. Of course you are entitled to a toxic relationship (although it is not advised). But make sure you have the clarity that making a child in that relationship will only make all 3 of you miserable.


Rarely, before you make a child you are able to understand what a good father mean to be. Reality of being a mother might surprise you and you might realize that humor is more important than stability, curiosity from experience, passion from calm, and happy from consistency. You are also rarely able to understand which effect this child will have to you and it’s father. Anxiety, excitement, love and responsibilities might work on you very differently than expected. The only certainty is how it makes you feel now.


A safe way to understand if you want this man to be the father of your children is how he makes you feel. And what person you want to become when you are with him. Try to imagine what kind of mother you would be with a man like him as a husband. If the answer satisfies you, even if you never have children, it is certain you will not regret your choice.

Of course, there is always the other side. Those of the women that fall in love with a moving disaster and think they can change him. And they think that the way to do this is with commitment and fatherhood, which is a situation that will confuse them even more. If he is violent, substance user, has serious psychological problems or he cares only for himself not only he is incapable of being a father but also of being a good husband.


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