Is Love Complicated.. People really think like this in two conditions. One when they are too happy with their love life or when living with broken heart. Oh yes!! Heard it so many times. It’s really difficult to maintain a relationship. It’s so difficult to keep a woman happy or a man. It’s so difficult. The topmost statement among all is “none can understand women”. But have you confirmed that you are truly in love? Now what is love? A question asked again and again and still it’s really hard to put it in a definition but let me try it from my end. Being in love makes you happy. You make your entire world surrounded by the person you are in love with. All the time phone calls, messages, the feeling of togetherness and what not. But is this love?? I don’t want to even a give a try to define love, but I can suggest you the way to be happy even when you are in love or not in love.

Is Love Complicated

Is Love Complicated

  • Be in love but don’t submerge yourself in love.
  • Always try to be an independent thinker though you are in love.
  • Never try to be the pet of the person, whom you love. You have your own individuality and stick to that. It doesn’t mean to create clashes for your independence, but finding a way out for both of you for an independent life along with togetherness.



  • It happens many times that you even forget your best friends, when you think you are in love but no!! These people, your besties are the one who will stay in your life forever. Value the relationship you have with them. Enjoy the moments with them.
  • is love complicated quotes
  • Enjoy your me time.

When love gets complicated

It’s always observed that once you get in to any relationship you develop a kind of ownership feeling for your partner, but your companion or you yourself are two different human beings with complete different mind sets and people with different set of requirements so try to consider these points before suffocating anyone.

When love gets complicated

  • Put your self in his or her shoes and understand each other.
  • Take love of your life as your supporting spirit.
  • A feeling that can make you feel strong emotionally mentally.
  • Be the strength of the one you love



These are just the points that are written, but actually understanding and putting them in to practice needs lots of maturity, focus and thoughts for thinking on a healthy relationship. After all being in a relationship is the most blessed phase of life and it should always be caressed with all love and care. Practicing maturity is also an art of taking yourself to one more step of towards personal growth. Generally relationship in anyone’s life is supporting pillar for living.


After all, we are social animals and tend to live in a society with pillars around then why not make our life fruitful by sticking to a relation and create a healthy bond with the person. Exceptions are always there. You can’t help it when the other person is actually in your life to play with your feelings or just to have a good time. But you can actually make your relationship stronger by implementing these points if you both are serious about your togetherness. So enjoy being one and enjoy life together.!!

So now when you ask me, Is love complicated.. I would say yes, very much. It depends on how you handle love life. When love gets complicated just stay calm and cool and take your time.



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