Lovable moments spent with a special person stays perpetually in our thoughts and in our lives. A brutal breakup doesn’t always rub the sweet memories once spent with that person. Considering the hurricane of emotions we feel when a relationship ends, this feeling is normal and will definitely fade away after some period of time. But what comes after that isn’t that much easy to face.

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It can be really difficult to tell if you are over on your ex or not. Many a times, we get surrounded by those thoughts which puts us in turbulence that if you have really put your past to rest, or are you still stuck in your last relationship?

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Let us take a look on some of the clues which demonstrates that you still cant get over your bygones.

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When Each Little Thing reminds you of him

Either shedding tears while listening to a sad song which recalls about him or visiting the place where you both have shared some precious moments. Myriad situations when all you can see is him and got trapped by the past memories turns out to be vulnerable.

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Leave Me Alone

The way you shared your hilarious and awful situations with your special one makes you feel alone and helpless as if now there is no one to share your moments with and even after surrounding with family and friends you feel isolated. Meeting people sounds awkward to you as the flock reminds you of the pain you are undergoing by asking certain questions and via sympathizing, at times this all just worsens the situation even more.

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That Wannabe sounds Lethargic

It’s when we find those guys disgusting who try to hit on us during social situations. Smile covers your cheeks, when you see your ex around or get a call by him, wondering, what is so damn important.

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When you keep on Asking about him

How is he or did he moved on? Are some of those questions that we ask from our friends about our ex to make sure about what’s happening in his life. You try to hack his account to see whom does he talks the most and what does he converses. It is when you feel insecure and paralyzed by the love you once shared with him.

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Comparing every single guy with him

You’ve started dating a new guy but you always end up comparing his behavior with your ex like he doesn’t calls you in the middle of the night like he used to do in course of your relationship and many alike comparisons.

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You still fantasize about you “both as a couple”

“One day he’ll get back to me” a misguided belief that many of us think after parting with our special ones. The truth lies in the fact that no one can see future and what it will bring to us so a better understanding should be remembered that breakups do happen “for a reason” and if you’re going to hold it back on your future, it’s likely that you’re still stuck in your past.

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Face the Reality and move forward

Listen to your intuition as it never misguides, whether it mentors that he wasn’t right for your love or something else. Just give it a single and final thought at once and follow the desires. Those insights will allow you to look at the break up from a more empowering perspective which

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may just be the key to finally letting go of your ex once and for all and establishing a more pleasant relationship of your own. In the end always remember that “You can stand there thinking, “if only” or you can go and take charge and change it ”