Kickboxing for weight loss is what I found really working for me. So, I wish to share it with you all my dear friends. Kickboxing workout in itself is interesting and keeps you continuously engaged.

There are many cases, who claims to have achieved ideal body by practicing kickboxing. A perfect muscle mass with a moderate amount of required fat in the body is the quotient of ideal weight loss. If you observe any kick boxer, you can find these qualities in them.

Let us see what exactly is kickboxing. How kickboxing helps in weight loss?

Kickboxing for weight loss

The best part of practicing different weight loss techniques such as kickboxing is to stay away from boring gym chorus. Kickboxing workout incorporates interesting moves that gives those perfect lean muscles, improves stamina and coordination.

  • For ideal weight loss with Kickboxing, ideally cardio kickboxing is incorporated in training sessions.
  • Cardio kickboxing is one of the most calorie busting workout. For perfecting the moves, you need to have lots of concentration, which builds total mind body synergy.
  • When you go for actual cardio kickboxing classes, you don’t need to combat one to one. Here, you have to master the moves with the music. Fast pace music and different kickboxing moves together raises heartbeat and breathing frequency. This results in weight loss with Kickboxing.

Kickboxing and weight loss – How does it work?

The basic of weight loss is creating a deficit in intake of calories. This you can do by having food that are low in calorie and high in nutrients. One Kickboxing session of 50 minutes guarantees of burning approximately 450 calories. So, the basic fundamental of weight loss with low calorie intake and high calorie burning, kickboxing wins the race of losing weight.

kickboxing for weight loss

Cardio kickboxing, kickboxing for weight loss and self defense kickboxing are totally different concepts. In self defense kickboxing, there are certain styles that you have to follow. It can be a strict regimen. It requires mastering the moves to the perfection. Whereas, in kickboxing for weight loss, you need to burn calories with the moves.

Kickboxing workout for weight loss works in total calisthenic aspect. Because of the resistance in the kickboxing moves, it tends to build more muscles. Ideally, the greater the muscle mass is higher is the calorie consumption in doing any kind of activity. Thus, kickboxing boosts muscles building. Muscles and overall regular practice of kickboxing workout tends to boost metabolism, which in turn leads to weight loss.

So, now that you might have decided on choosing kickboxing for weight loss, you need to find an expert kickboxing trainer. If you are not aware of any expert for kickboxing, then go ahead and search classes for kickboxing. During the kickboxing training, most basic part is warm up, cardiovascular activities, kickboxing moves, cool down session.

Evolve A New You With Weight Loss Programmes

You need to watch out on diet, while practicing kickboxing as you tend to develop high appetite. To counter it, you can develop a practice of having low calorie and high protein food. Have food at intervals in small portions.

Explore one more aspect for weight loss that is walking and Weight loss. Select the weight loss exercise that suits you and your body.

Have fun working out, the kickboxing way. Happy workouts.


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