A woman is an inheritor of Love, trust, beauty, sincerity, truthfulness and authenticity. The way, we care and the way we put our whole hearts to make someone comfortable and serene are not at all a self created treasure, but a precious gift of almighty. Above all, she is the one descended with characteristics of God.characteristic of god
Feminine culture can not be defined by the mere ways of dressing , perfumes, cosmetics, and fancy jewelry, but by the feminine grace, which each girl possess. The male perception of an Ideal woman varies according to the diverse cultures around the globe. At some places, it is of a blond, tan, physically fit and educated woman and somewhere, it is of a morally cultured women. Despite of these worldly perceptions about females, what matters the most is our own grace and innate features.

characteristic of god                                       Love is a Devotion for her

A female is capable of loving in even the most complex situations, she carries love on her shoulders and thence she can express love in every situation coming her way. This feature of loving on and on is somewhere grounded in her existence. She is a daughter who brings cheer to everyone’s face through her silly, yet cute ways of caring and the one who when becomes an adolescent turns into a combo of beauty and affection which

characteristic of god she carries with herself and shower her light on others. The only thing which bothers a female the most, is the need to feel “special” and loved. Every female wants to feel love in every step of her life and it is a core deep desire of her to surround herself with people who love her and with whom she can become capable of sharing her intense emotions. Regardless of the fact, when she becomes complex and tricky is just because of her insecurities and whenever alone, she feels anguish and If there is a lover, even in her mind, she stays contented. Love nourishes her being and keeps her more soulful. Every lady should accept this beauty of hers and understand that to be feminine is not to be in hurry and tensed but to be capable of loving .

characteristic of god

Less Violent and More Tolerant

God has created every individual with his own uniqueness and that’s what makes them beautiful in their own ways and so do women. Where Men gets aggressive easily and need to get calm, women are born with the trait of less brutal and more adaptive. A woman finds herself unable to fight and battle against anybody because of her approach of finding reconciliation in everything. Her very nature is comprising of living with harmony and characteristic of godserenity which makes her unable to perform violent acts until huge extent and when we see a woman performing such acts there must be something less feminine about her. Fighting for a cause is a different thing in this context but teaching good will is what every lady consists of and thence she should allow herself to execute her this very ingredient.

characteristic of god

Females are Intuitive

Ever wondered why a woman just jumps to the conclusion of everything. She is spontaneous enough to judge a situation via her intuition and simply conclude it with a yes or a no and no more further arguments to be done afterwards. Research have shown that women are better at facial identification than men due to the fact, that women are more interested in emotional bonding based upon their need to recognize, bond and nurturing. The female gender has been found to be more deep and

feminine goddess characteristicperceptive which makes them more empathic in their day to day lives. Men too are equally intuitive, but the way is different as being intuitive requires displaying of one’s emotions and on this ground men are often found hesitant, but the women are born with the instinct to express and thence they are intuitive eventually. Every lady shall be aware of the power of her insight and hence she should not be bashful to develop the more compassionate side of hers.

characteristic of godAn element of Sensitivity

The word sensitivity is a synonym for “consciousness” meaning aware. Women prefer the “power of feelings” the most and for that reason they are much passionate about caring, empathizing and sympathizing and whatsoever which originates deep from the heart and makes a person more aware of his own self. The ruling area of a women’s life is “feelings” which is  the power of accepting emotions as a valuable part of life.

Mother and baby girlBorn Nurturers

With our god gifted strength of bearing a child and nurture it with love and care makes us both supportive and receptive. Now to nurture doesn’t always mean to have a child but to have that power to inspire others to grow both with ourselves and those with around us which needs to be understood by every lady as it is somewhere deeply rooted in her soul and only need to release by them.

toddlers_newsOur power to “Inspire and Motivate”

We feel marvelous when we are able to inspire and motivate others for whatsoever they want to achieve but feel inferior or weak enough to go further. We love to gather our positivity and let that core strength of ours influence anyone we come into contact with.


After going through my own inner circles this is what I have came to realize as a woman and believe that there is much to explore in such a divinity of being a female.

Henceforth, being a female is all about understanding those deep virtues and strengths which are nowhere else, but in your own-selves and so ladies you must step into your authentic feminine power and become the woman you were meant to be and follow the well recognized feminine quotation which says “you were born original, don’t die a copy” and also once a saint preached that,  “if you are afraid of woman, you will be afraid of god. You will be afraid of love, afraid of prayer. You will be afraid of all that is beautiful, because woman personifies beauty and grace.

Make a conscious effort of recognizing your divinity ladies and shine your light with your grace and access the true feminine power within your beings. God is in you and flaunt those characteristics of God.

characteristic of god






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