How To Look Stylish In Casual Wear? It is not always necessary to prove your style sense with the ball room dresses or pretty up town market clothes. There are some real easy pissie ways to project yourself  as stylish divas in casual wear.

Style is not just what you wear, but also how you wear it. So let us move ahead and jot down some important points on How To Look Stylish In Casual Wear.

If you thought that style statements can be made only when you are all dressy, then think again. Casual look is the new style statement. So, you no longer need to part away from your favorite pair of jeans or the most comfortable casual skirt you own as that could still serve the purpose of making you look absolutely stunning and stylish.

Casual dressing is defined as “a dress code that prioritizes comfort and personal expression over presentation”. Smart Casual clothes have replaced formal clothing in many areas like informal dinners, upscale restaurant meetings etc..

Let’s talk the steps involved to make your casual attire stylish. In this era, fashion rules implies to both men and women, hence casual dressing is no exception. Both the genders could try the same and achieve the stylish casual look.

How To Look Stylish In Casual Wear


Step 1:

Consider the occasion (the reason for casual dressing): It is very important to understand the need of the hour, when it comes to style or dressing. One should understand that there is always a consideration of time and place to be dressed casual and stylish.  The weather also plays a very critical role in your choice of clothing or your style.

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Step 2 Pair of Jeans to your rescue: The beauty of this clothing “Jeans” is that it can never go out of fashion. So you are safe with this choice even if you are unaware of what is in or out. However, it is imperative. It calls for knowing your body shape first. And that you invest in one absolutely beautiful pair of Jeans that suits best with your body shape (color can take a back seat in this case). You could be spoiled with choice when it comes to the cuts that can flatter your body type, a boot – cut, Straight leg, Jeggings, flared and wide legs, etc. Remember any cut is still casual and still stylish. Low rise jeans or a pair of Cargo or Cargo shorts have been noticed as a recent trend with men when it comes to casual dressing. However the fit and style is still important. High waist jeans is taking a toll in women’s casual styling recently.

neon-jewellery for stylish casual look

Step 3 Time to hollow out your wardrobe: By now you should almost have a picture of yourself in mind i.e. How do you want to team your Jeans with a tank top, a T-shirt or  even a smart jacket or a sweater (depending on the weather) would work effortlessly. It is important to remember that anything you team your Jeans with, should fit correctly without stretching the seams also not bundle up anywhere.

Men could team their pair of Jeans with a simple T – shirt with or without a logo to a casual solid colored shirt to may be a polo neck or a linen shirt. Who says, Men are deprived of choice ( I can take a dig on such people. I would go a bit further to call them as fashion illiterate for sure).

Last Minute Party and What to wear?

We shall not just stop with a pair of jeans. A regular skirt can create wonders for your look. Boho skirt, Indian traditional skirt, sarara skirt, pleated skirt, tube skirt are some from a huge range of varieties that this instantly raising glam quotient thing has given us. Joggers for females, simple maxi dresses, chic dresses that are created for regular casual wear can easily raise your glam quotient. The only condition here is it should be a very well fitted one.

the best practice for How To Look Stylish In Casual Wear is not going for those extra shopping hours and extra bucks, but making out from what you already have.

How To Look Stylish In Casual Wear1

Step 4 How to work with your feet: Feet options like all the other dressing articles have a lot of choice and the brilliance of casual dressing is you don’t have to be tied down by any musts or should. The only care that you need to take is to make sure that whatever you choose is not torn, frayed or wore down as that could just put off your entire style and effort. So, go ahead if you want to show off your beautiful well-manicured toes then opt for the open toe sandals. Pair of neat sneakers also do justice and add that style to a pair of jeans with a simple T-shirt. If your choice is a lovely Jeans skirt then you could give a try to the high rise boots or a pair of stilettos. Flat chappals have conquered the fashion bazar since long. It is going well with jeans, long skirt, or any pair of Indian clothing.

How to get dimples? If dimples is included in your fashion quotient, you should have a look at this.

All you boys out there, this is time for your casual boots, breathable or just plain loafers. Anything that shouts out casual.

How To Look Stylish In Casual Wear

Step 5 Casual dressing doesn’t mean that you forget the hair and accessories: Only because you are in this casual dressing mood it doesn’t mean that you ignore the little extra things like your hair style and accessories. The beauty of casual style is that you could choose out of loose hair to tied up bun to just a simple ponytail.

If you are in a wacky mood then even a braid doesn’t hinder your casual style. So, this is one area that all your wacko senses can be satisfied. Here what is necessary is your comfort level.


Since, all your experiments are taken care of with hair style, be very sensitive about how you accessorize. One should be careful about what they wear over a casual outfit as there are chances that they could go totally over board or just underplay. So, find your medium ground. Do you like a big belt, tiny studs on your ears and a watch? Do you like to wear this lovely colorful neck piece with no ear rings and just a few chunky bangles on one of your hands? Either ways, it is still super chic and very casual.

Note: Don’t try to be too loud and fill your body with everything that you own. If you plan to add a bag as well, choose one of those sling that go across your shoulder to the opposite hip or the extra large sized bags whatever be your choice. You still are cool.

How To Look Stylish In Casual Wear is worrying you, then answer is carry that attitude.

For all the masculine genders, all you have to worry about is that your hair is nicely done. If you are the lucky one to carry off the off bad look and still look casual and stylish then whistles to you.

How To Look Stylish In Casual style


Step 6 Show off casualness in your make up as well:  Knowledge of your face structure, your skin tone and make up dos and don’ts are a must if you want to achieve that style. Many people try out what they see on others, this is a cardinal sin in the makeup world. Everyone has their own face, skin tone etc…so you cannot look good in something another women looks good in. You should find your look by experimenting and researching. A casual look demands minimal make up with neutral to light shades. Above all, which is not too loud.

These days a red lipstick is a real oomph factor that adds glamor to everything. You can drag on yourself from different tones of red to purple, magenta to pink, orange to peach shades. Do what suits you the best.

Step 7 Personify Casual style: Nothing is more important than your attitude of being casual yet confident and classy. So, whatever you wear make sure you are comfortable and like yourself in the mirror. When you do that you have won the battle.

Few tips that can spruce up the life in your effort to do stylish dressing: How To Look Stylish In Casual Wear

  • Invent your own style: There is no fun in trying to follow every style. Your body and personality are different so don’t try to fit into others shoes and repent later. Notice the confidence that is instilled in you when you make your own style and are happy with the end result when you give that one last look in the mirror.
  • Invest wisely: Always invest in accessories or clothes wisely. Resort to classics when unsure of your choice or option. Classics like Pair of Jeans, cashmere Cardigans, tall boots, scarves, black turtlenecks, Khakis etc. Investing less and getting more is the basic fundamental of How To Look Stylish In Casual Wear.
  • Bring color into your life with your clothes: experimenting with color is the best way to spruce up your wardrobe. However, care should be taken that you do not go overboard.
  • Only and Only wear clothes that fit: There is no greater Faux Pas in the fashion industry than wearing misfit clothes. Casual dressing is no exception, hence ensure you try your dress on at least twice before you purchase it or wear it.

Watch out!!!! The points you need to remember when you are searching on How To Look Stylish In Casual Wear.

  • Informal dressing is not always casual dressing.
  • Men have a few options like semi-formal dressing etc… they may not be suits and pants or ties, however they still do not fall under casual dressing.
  • Grabby, torn and shabby look is not the only definition of casual, in the recent years fashion has evolved from this stage and entered into a more matured look of dressing good.
  • Key to any successful style or look is good grooming. One must ensure good hygiene along with good choice in clothes for any style.

So now the question on How To Look Stylish In Casual Wear should not bother you more. Just check your wardrobe and start creating some great looks.


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