Neha and Rahul met in an engineering fest. Both of them are budding professionals displaying their projects in the fest. But what is this? Rahul has forgotten every small thing required for the presentation. The young handsome man was noticeably handsome. Same way, Neha was instructed by her friends to keep her long straight hair tied up and wear only Punjabi suit so that people can concentrate on their project display.

Every now and then, Rahul was asking for pencil, pen and eraser. Neha was angry by this time. She shouted at Rahul to let her concentrate on the project presentation. Rahul started smiling that shouldn’t you help outsiders in your city. On hearing this Neha kept her cool and got busy with her project.

It is evening and project presentation is over. Seeing Neha’s anger once, Rahul could not dare to ask her directly. He went to one of her group members and asked them to join him for a coffee. They all went for a coffee, exchanged email ids and phone numbers.

The other day, Rahul reached his city. Next day, Neha opened her email account and what is this. She is seeing Rahul’s name in her mail list. She is surprised. Out of sheer eagerness, she opened the mail. Rahul has written every bit of his experience on seeing her for the first time.

“How can someone be so cute, so innocent and always smiling. From the moment, I had your glimpse, I felt like keep on talking to you. It was not that I forgot anything. Only thing was I wanted to talk to you every now and then”

For the first time in her life, Neha heard such honest confession from someone. She replied him Thank You note and sincerely confessed that she is touched by his gesture.

He replied and the chains of emails started. Daily phone calls started. Emails for both of them were like opening each and every aspect of their personality.

Same way, one year passed by. Rahul got a reputed job immediately after completion of graduation. He got posting at a remote village. He was not having access to the emails. No network there. Affection, attraction and love knew no boundaries. He used to stand in long queues to call Neha daily.

It’s been more than two years now. They have not confessed their love for each other. Neha decided to visit his city, when he comes to meet his parents.

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Rahul is so excited to know this. He went on his luxury bike to pick up Neha. He took her to meet his parents. It was just a casual meeting. Rahul’s mother prepared some snacks to welcome her son’s special friend.

They both went to cafe. They had lovely afternoon together. Neha was gathering all her courage to confess her love for him.

But Rahul has still not even thought of anything related to Neha. After just two hours of togetherness, Rahul told Neha to drop her at her hotel. She was shocked to hear this. She tried to stop him, but he is adamant to join his other friend for shopping. She was confused at this point. He left her at the hotel. Disappointed and alone, Neha tried spending time but her sadness was picking over her moods.

She decided to break the ice and messaged Rahul about her love for him. She sent him a text. What is this all that we are doing. I think it is love.

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She got a reply call from him. Her hands were shivering to pick the mobile up. To the tragic end Rahul was not ready to believe that it is love. He kept on shouting at her that does she even know what love is. A frank admiration or talking daily does not mean love. She just kept on listening to him with tears rolling down her eyes. Her love palace is broken.

She pleaded to just meet her once before she leave. He said OK. She went to meet him. He was not at all in any courteous mood. Not ready to listen to her at all. She understood that now she cannot do anything. She started walking back.

After 3 days Rahul called her again, let’s be same friends. She said we are not friends. She knew that they are not friends. She disconnected the phone and then after never picked his call up. She became very very strong overnight.

Rahul started missing her. Every now and then, every moment he was missing her. He started losing concentration in work. He was not able to talk to anyone. He realized that Neha was right. He loved her truly. But this realization took him 3 months to admit him to himself that he loves Neha.

After the phase of realization, he wished to call her, but now guilt has taken over him. In his rude way of arguing, he treated Neha very badly. He did not even offered her water in such heat or a seat. He was feeling so guilty of his own behavior.

After having a severe heart break, Neha became stronger than ever. She felt that  the person, who cannot understand his own feeling, how can he ever try to understand her. Though she loved him dearly, she left entire issue aside and got busy in her regular life. Whenever she remembered him badly, she cried in bathroom of her office, wash her face and get back to work.

On the other hand, Rahul’s mother got an idea about her son’s condition. One weekend, when he was there at his home. His mother asked him to sit with her. She asked him the reason of his restlessness. She knew it somewhere that it is related to Neha. Rahul got very emotional at this moment. He told everything to his mom.

On this side, Neha had no one to talk to. She was not having that open family. She was just upto herself. There was no one to wipe her tears. No one to put her head in their lap or put hand on her head. Only support she had was her eternal belief in God. She used to talk to him and forget her miseries.

It’s been 2 years now. She is denying all the marriage proposals her parents are getting for her. It is like regularly encountering rage of her parents. Neha is so heart broken. She keeps on questioning her self that what to expect from a person. Two years of courtship, so much of involvement, day night calls, unsaid importance in each others life and still if a person is denying to be in love, then what can be love.

She wiped off her tears and started email on her laptop. There was an unknown email. It was a marriage proposal. The marriage proposal was from some unknown guy, who very honestly sent all his details, photographs and a confession.

Hello Neha,

I saw you at a coffee shop with your friends. It was an instant connection and I felt that she is the one. I have never seen such innocent face in my life and I want to marry you. Believe me I belong to very decent family and a very well educated guy. I am attaching my photographs and biodata for you and your parents.

She was just flunged. Was it the reply from God to her questions. She was intrigued, but because of internet scams she decided to avoid this email. After a week, she received an sms from same guy to just give him a chance and meet him once.

One more week. one more gesture. Now, Neha is very very curious to meet this guy. She went ahead and replied.

Today, 10:30 am coffee shop sharp.

She went there, she was just not sure whether the pics that guy sent were true or not. Her eyes were searching for him and he was there. She was just flattened at first instance. They talked talked and talked. It was that moment of her life when all her questions were answered in one go.

Neha forgot every tear she had shred after meeting Anant. She is very happy. Just after their third meeting, they decided to meet each other’s parents. Same day meeting was organised. Things moved so fast that the other week their engagement ceremony was declared.

Her happiness is now reflecting on her face. She is looking so pretty in her engagement outfit. She was wearing her earrings and her phone rang. She could not believe her eyes. It was Rahul. She was shocked. She picked up the phone. All she could hear from the other end was I love you, I love you, I love you. Without caring for the reply Rahul from the other end was just speaking, speaking and speaking. Neha was stunned. Her face turned pale. She could not do anything then disconnecting the call. Late night when she saw her phone, there were more than 50 miss calls. She understood his madness.

Next day, Rahul’s mother called her. She din’t mention anything about her engagement. She quietly heard everything from his mom. At the end she told his mom that aunty, it’s been 2 years now. Life has changed so do I. I still have good feelings for Rahul. But it is not like earlier one. They hooked up the phone.

There were continuous questions and answers going around in her mind. Should I call this as love or is it like getting a prized possession back? She never wanted her engagement to be the only reason for not getting back in Rahul’s life, but she wanted to explore how Rahul can handle situation now.

She called up Rahul, told him to ask his father. She was aware about his entire family belief system. She was two months older to Rahul. His father was only concerned with this factor and denied any kind of alliance. Rahul was a different kind of lover. He came back to Neha and told her that his father is not ready and he will keep on trying to convince him.

This was the point Neha was waiting for. She said Rahul it has taken 2 years to convince you to believe that you love me. Now it will take 2 more years then the astrologers and other systems will come into picture, I really don’t know when actual love factor will exist in this relationship.

Neha felt stronger than ever. She gained back all her strength. She got ready and reached to Anant’s office. Anant was shocked to see Neha out of the sudden. She was happier, outspoken and more open to accept their relationship now. She said My dear would be hubby, today I am here to kidnap you and take you for a lunch, long drive and romantic dinner. You are simply silently going to follow me. They both laughed out loud and walked out hand in hand.

At this point, I would only like to say that love stories are not just meant to be in love, but it is all about persisting together. Neha and Anant have found that in each other. It is very clear and sure that Anant has Neha in center of his life, whereas Rahul will always keep on revolving around himself.