Love yourself first to love the rest. We spend so much of our time in rejecting or condemning our own selves and waiting for someone special  to arrive and love us. In the middle of these things, we start avoiding ourselves, which further creates a vicious circle of hatred and make us have conflicts with our own beings. This consistent civil war in our beings arises difficulties with others as well. A person who cannot accept his own-self is unable to accept others existence. The ultimate guide is love yourself first.

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Love yourself first

Unless you accept yourself as a blessing and start loving your own self unconditionally, you will always stay beneath the wicked world of conflicts. Peace comes from within and it is only possible when we are alone and manage our thoughts because who knows us better than our selves. Many a times, we find ourselves trapped with other person’s presence and that very presence becomes demanding. Love yourself before you love someone else as relationship also needs self respect.

love yourself first
In such manner, you need to make yourself overflowing with love so as to avoid that “intimate enmity” that can further take place. Self-Love comes when a person becomes acceptable. Now, you will think that how to love yourself first? Won’t it be a practice to be selfish? Accepting everything with deep gratitude is a fruitful key. One must thank god for whatever he had showered on them together with accepting the uniqueness of every individual as accepting others for whatever they are, makes a person more genuine and practical.
love yourself first
Accepting the other becomes easy, when a person accepts his own self. You need to become that much loving so that the person can accept you eventually, it forces a person to drop his ego and everything that keeps you aside from him. Thence, one must fill themselves with utmost love to receive ample of the same feeling.
What happens next is magnificent because when you start loving yourself in all possible ways, you become so filled up with this feeling that you have much love to share with the others. When you forgive your own mistakes and accept the life as it is makes you strong enough to accept others with all of your body and soul.
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Learn to value your true essence, counting your blessings and see how the things fall in line. When you become loving and start taking the charge of your emotions, you can start sharing the same love with others as you can only give what you carry. Ignore when people say that you are selfish, just because to love oneself is selfish according to them, but the reality is that a person who loves himself takes the first step towards real love. The moment a person becomes loving and share the love within them the person becomes contented and happy which eventually solves the purpose. There is a very thin line between self love and selfish behavior. Love yourself first and always keep that compassion for all living beings in the heart. So now the border line between how to love yourself first and selfish approach is clear.

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Love  is undoubtedly an important element in our lives. So people, start filling yourselves with love from now and count your happy moments with full gratitude. Stop abandoning yourself and become loving. A well known quotation goes like this   “Love yourself, for if you don’t, how can you expect anybody else to love you”. Trust yourself and always remember that your problems give you opportunities to develop skills, abilities, and your character but all should be initiated by loving yourself with full acceptance than life becomes a loving precious experience. Finally, Love yourself first and love will spread everywhere.

Love yourself before you love someone else is also important as people forget to value their own self in loving others.

Love yourself first to love the rest. A person filled with love can only spread love. So love yourself and love the world.



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