Makeup For Small Eyes To Look Bigger is what we are concerned today.. Small eyes can be sultry and exotic. Strategic makeup tricks, along with the right products, can also open them up and make them look defined. The key is to use the right colors and techniques to trick the eye. Makeup in general is all about highlighting your best features and minimizing the ones that you would rather hide. Try a few simple tricks to define and widen small eyes. So let us have a tutorial on how to make small eyes look larger.

Makeup For Small Eyes To Look Bigger

How to make your eyes look bigger with makeup? Makeup is an art. It can convert personality and image of a person completely. Small eyes have their own beauty, but if you wish to make your eyes look larger daily or for some occasion then we are here for you.

1. Fake it until you make it

Makeup For Small Eyes To Look Bigger

How to do your eyeliner is the most basic tip to show the widened eyes. If you master the art of eye lining then you can create any kind of look. The whole idea of makeup is to enhance your unique beauty. Use a fairly strong color all the way from the lash line to above the crease, always making sure to blend that top edge. For a more bad gal effect use black liner (preferably gel liner) along the lash line to the outside corner. The look you are going for, will determine the angle & the length of the liner at the outside corner. Use eyeshadow under the bottom lashes for more definition of the eye. After all makeup is an accessory, that can simply be washed off and redone if you don’t like the result. So we are done with the most basic point of Makeup For Small Eyes To Look Bigger.

2. Never overdo it

Makeup For Small Eyes To Look Bigger

An overused mistake that should be avoided is smoky eyes. Over dosage of eyeliner makes small eyes look even smaller. Line your bottom lash line with a nude/flesh toned eye pencil . It instantly gives an impression of wide awake look to the small eyes. You can just go for white water line, outline and slight black kohl on outer part of the lash to give your small eyes a large look. White eye liner is the special eyeliner for small eyes.

how to apply eyeliner? eyeliner techniques

  • DON’T line your entire eye lid. Start lining by leaving some gap.
  • The same goes for lower lash line too. Don’t line the inner corners. Only apply kohl or liner to outer 3/4th eye-make an outer curve to form a V with the liner on upper lash line. So that both the upper and lower liner meet. Elongate your liner a little outside of your eye to give an impression of a wider eye.

3. Groom your brows.

how to make your eyes look bigger with eyeliner?

Even without any makeup eyes look instantly wider when they’re framed by groomed brows. See a pro for perfect plucking or try it yourself by using tweezers to remove any stray hair under the arch of your brow. Fill in sparse spots with brow powder and a stiff brush and comb it to place with a brow comb.

4. Curl and coat eye lashes to make eyes look bigger.


Curled lashes are the secret weapon in the fight against small eyes. Gently clamp a lash curler at the base of the top lash and hold it for about 20 seconds. After curling apply a coat or two of black curling mascara to boost the uplifting effect. Curled lashes give instant wider look to small eyes.

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5. The Primer and Foundation for eyes


This should actually be the first eye make up used. Always use a primer before applying any foundation or eye shadows. It helps to keep the make up intact for a long time. Foundations and concealers help to reduce dark circles and any other deformities.

6. The Shimmer


Another make up for smaller eyes is the use of shimmer powder that gives a sparkle effect to the eyes. It helps make the swollen look of the cheeks reduce due to smaller eyes. Shimmer should be used carefully, a lot of it can make the face look gaudy or fake. The powder should only be used on the eye lids and under the eye. These were some eye make up for smaller eyes. Also remember to remove every bit of make up before sleeping in the night. Always use make up of good quality. Eyes are a gift to us, keep them safe and healthy. So, we have provided with all details on Makeup For Small Eyes To Look Bigger


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