Who doesn’t want to have a glowing look? Makeup tips for glowing face can grab all attention for you. A well known quotation goes like, “Make up is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident” Makeup is an art which only looks natural and adds on to a personality when applied with proper procedure and steps. By following these simple steps of makeup, you can look like a diva, glowing and vibrant.


Makeup Tips For Glowing Face

1. Moisturize your skin thoroughly before applying anything related to makeup.

2. Concealer is a key for even skin tone. An even skin tone itself gives an attractive look. Choose a high quality concealer with tone very much near to your skin tone.

Apply concealer on the cheeks, ears, sides of nose to even out the dark patches.

makeup tips and tricks
Primer for long lasting base of makeup

3. Go for a light illuminating foundation. Lakme Perfect Radiance, Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss, and Maybelline have some perfect skin illuminating products, which are just perfect for Indian skin and Indian budget.

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4. If you are not too much of a foundation person like me, go for diamond scrub or gold scrub, which gives instant glow to the skin and then apply a nice moisturizer. This is my way of getting glowy.

5. Then apply eyeshadow all over the eyelids to give it a lasting and shiny look. The latest trend of smoky shade eye-shadows gives a glowing and stylish appearance. Go for some darker shades like black with glittery finishing.

Makeup tips and tricks
Your eyes can do all the job

6. Apply the eyeshadow and black eyeliner covering the upper lash and extend it by making a wing, followed up with a single coat beneath the eye lids,wherein a good coat of kajal looks perfect. This makes your eyes look elongated and beautiful. Good cosmetic brands are suggested for the application. Maybelline and Revlon are some of the brilliant eye cosmetic brands.

7. Eye Primer can give long lasting touch to the eye makeup. At the same time, actual color of pigments gets properly highlighted. Pink, Light Pink and baby pink are shades of eye shadows to give fresh glowing look.

how to apply mascara8. A good quality brush should be taken in use while applying any makeup product on the eyes. Now, apply a brilliant look mascara to the eyes with suitable coats depending on the eyes of a particular person that is shape, size and color of eyes. Artificial lashes can also be used if there is a case of small lashes or it just can be applied for style. Curling of eye lashes can give a wider eye look.

9. Applying highlighter on brow bones is also a trick to show sparkling eyes.

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tricks for highlighted makeup10. Then, a peach or rosy shade blush should be dabbed on the cheeks to give a marvelous cheeky and fashionable look.

11. Lips being the center stage of the face should not be left untouched. To give the lips bolder and sexy look, picking a suitable shade is an essential task. Start by applying a lip liner on the lip lining as a base and then

Waterproof_Makeup_Techniques.pngapply lipstick on the top of it. Go for the bold colors like red and stylish shades including plums, pinks, wines and violets. If you are going for smokey eyes then prefer to have nude lip color.

12. Hair should also be considered wisely. When in hurry, half tied hairs and high ponytail looks perfect. Carrying your hair in their natural way is also a best thing. Just open the hairs and comb them well looks natural. And, when there is much time to spend for the hair

hairstyles long face (2)makeover, then one can go for current trend of wavy and loose curls which looks pretty on those, who have a long face. Straightened hair is also a good option during some occasions.

While paying attention to all the above tips, one should not compromise with the quality of cosmetics while purchasing as skin care is the most essential step that one should take. Only good quality cosmetics with no

make-up-toolsbad and harmful ingredients to avoid further harm to the skin. From the quality of eye brushes to lipstick, everything should be given adequate attention, when it comes to makeover of your skin.

By making make up an easy task especially when you don’t have that much time to waste upon and lead a busy lifestyle, only a proper makeup requiring less time plus pretty outcome should be done.


 Dewy Foundation or BB creams are great choice if you are running out of time. Makeup tips for glowing face can bring you a temporary look, but assures you great attention from all.




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