Indian train journey, a lovable memorable experience forever. But here I am sharing a dreadful train journey experience.

You never forget some of the experiences in your life. Few of them are happy like a bliss or some really dreadful. The journey through Indian train has always been a pleasant one for a person like me. I love to observe people, play along with the kids in the train, start talking with other people, and though it is not advisable, but still we share food with each other.

So many journeys have I done in my life, but the one to Sikkim will remain dreadfully saved in my mind. We were returning from our pleasant Sikkim Journey. We were happy and relaxed like anything.

Indian train journeyIndian train journey

Travel agent suggested my husband to pick route from Gangtok to Delhi and Delhi to Surat to be on a safer side with good people through Indian railways. We did the same. Still there is no fully functional airport in Surat so we prefer Indian Train Journey to avoid changing of train, picking a taxi, reaching airport, waiting and then catching a flight.

On entering the train, we were not expecting the scenario, which we found. A group of men were having lunch on our seats. They occupied all the berths. It was me, my husband, my 3 year kid and my parents. We kept on waiting for them to complete their lunch. They had even occupied every bit of space available to put the luggage. Our wait was so long that I started lacking patience. I told them to empty the seats now. My husband held my hand to be patient. I kept quiet. Then also, they were not ready to empty the seats with a no reply gesture. I told them to vacate the seats, their reply was that “aap log adjust kar lo”. You people adjust. It came to me as a surprise that people in 2nd AC are replying like this. I told them that show us the place to adjust. They kept on repeating same thing, you people adjust anywhere. Losing my temper, I shouted to call TT. Extra people, who were not having tickets stood up immediately and moved out near the toilets. But two people kept on sitting there.

I again had to shout to vacate the luggage area. They said that now nothing can happen, you people have to adjust. It was shocking. Where the hell shall we find adjustment? Already the train was full, it was now around 45 minutes, train started and we were still juggling with them.

Now, it was time for my hubby to lose patience. He shouted loudly that now what else do you want us to adjust. Is there a single luggage area, you have left for us. You people are having only one seat and occupied so much space. On this the huge person, immediately held collar of my hubby and threw him to the compartment corner with hand still on him. It was now getting dreadful, shouts and screams. He started scolding that do you know, who I am. I was so afraid and expecting him to have some weapon like knife, seeing his courage, they enclosed all 5 of us. I started running in the train asking for TT. It was after 4 compartments, I could spot TT. I was panting with tears in my eyes. TT and other railway security officers rushed with me. By that time, situation was so heated that my father held the person’s hand, who was trying to beat my husband. It was just the same moment, he was trying to raise his hand on my father. Same moment, he saw railway security person with me. His immediate reaction was started laughing as if some fun was going. Next moment, he picked up a particular bag from his entire luggage and jumped up the upper berth. The other people, during the same instance, started shifting the luggage from the area. Everyone reacted as, “Kuch nahi hua sahab”. Even my hubby tried to wrap up the matter as it can be difficult for us to travel rest of the journey as they were many men scattered in the train from the same group. Railway officials were perhaps aware of something fishy in the train and they also tried to wrap up that entire matter.

A person among them came to me again to indirectly scold me. He said, “madamji, pata hai apne ye kya kar diya,

It was so surprising that the man, who was scolding and trying to beat us, did not even turn his back from the upper berth for next 21 hours. He was tightly hugging that particular bag with him. Till date, I am thinking that something antisocial was going around in that train. So many men covering each other. All were there to protecting one bag. But what it could be?

One more incidence of Indian train journey is engraved in my mind. Someday, I will bring that in light. But Indian train journey is my favorite one and I will keep on traveling through my great Indian railways.


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