So finally, the week has started, when we are ready to welcome Navratri of the year 2015. We have all spruced up to dress our best and be the best. When we are on the grounds of Garba. We have to be the most unique one to attract the attention of judges. It is not only the dance moves that are being judged, but everything related to your dressing, your overall looks and the way you present yourself is being judged. You have to follow the latest trends to be up to the mark. What counts the most is your Garba dress, Chaniya Choli, the ornaments of Oxidize or silver or faux elephant teeth are in this Navratri 2015.

navratri 2015

  • Since the trend and time are changing, you can find a wide variety of Chaniya Choli in the market.
  • You can select the one that are completely bling with Gota or Jari (Brocade) or go for the typical traditional work of Kodi and Aabhla.
  • If you are a simple kind of person and just want to wear some light Chania Choli then go for a bandhani one which will look simple yet gorgeous.
  • Markets are getting trendy with designs of simple Gota border skirts which you can club with a vest or tee with heavy or simple jewelry or just a scarf.
  • This year, professional Garba players are going to rock the grounds with LED decorated dresses and they are looking fab. Even the watchers are going to have some fabulous moments watching the Garba in the year 2015.
  • If you are going just to watch the show, then go in a typical Gujarati dress with a Moti work or Bandhani work or skirts with oxidized jewelry. You will also become an attention stealer with the professional Garba players.

navratri 2015 dresses

Tattoo designs for Navratri

Tattoos are the must have, with ethnic Garba dresses, as it is done in Gujarat since ages. Navratri 2015 is bringing the total bling with LED dresses and florescent tattoos. Girls and boys will go for a new tattoo daily or adding a bling in the existing one. The Cholis are going to be completely backless so you can accommodate your tattoo at the lowest part of the back and on the back side of the neck. Take care to make it as traditional as you can.

nail art for navratri 2015

Nail Art for Navratri

Don’t forget to match your nails with perfect nail art. The latest trends of the nail art in 2015 are introduced in the markets. Get it done in a way that you represent the villages of Gujarat perfectly. You can undoubtedly go for red and black combination as it matches with the climate of Gujarat. You can create an art, just like Kutchhi work, which is completely in the trend. Maroons can be your last minute selection as it depicts the Navratri mood completely. Instead of diamonds, go for small white beads in the design of your nail art for Navratri. Small white beads are extensively used in Gujarat for work on dresses.

Navratri jewellery

Jewellery for Navratri

For selecting jewelry, you can go for endless varieties available in the markets, whose price range starts from 50rs to endless. White Kadas are all time favourites. Silver hand cuffs and Baju Bandh fashion can never fade out. Hair accessory, traditionally called are Bor in Gujarat can be one of its kind to make you stand out of all.

Back tattoo design for navratri

So you are all set to rock the grounds and enjoy your best. Sweat as much as you can, because here sweating and fainting is considered most common. Dance like anything and just enjoy the Navratri nights.



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