Panchkarma treatment took my attention quite late. I was totally unaware of the benefits of the ancient treasure. I was so much fond of spa, treatments and massage, but was never aware of Panchkarma. Panchkarma is not just a single treatment, but it is a set of various treatment covering overall requirements of human life. You name it and they have the solution. It is like they treat you working on the cause, some people call it is Panchkarma spa or total body detox treatment. But Panchkarma is way ahead of the modern monetisation names given to it.

Panchkarma Ayurvedic treatment

What is Panchkarma?

Panchkarma is a set of 5 types of treatments. These treatments encompasses vast range of treating the patient as per the need. From the day, we are born, we fill ourselves with so food, junk food, emotions, positive, negative and what not. Though the body has a system of expelling out the waste, but not everything that goes out. Our intestine start accumulating toxins, we start putting on weight, lowering of metabolism and many other health problems. In this case, our system needs internal cleaning as well as identifying the problem and working according to that.

As the name suggests, panch + karma, 5 therapies or 5 treatments. Basti (people also call it as Vasthi), Vaman, Virechan, Nasya, and Raktamokshana.

Basti treatment of Panchkarma

I have personally taken this treatment and would strongly suggest all ladies to experience it. It cleanses your gut to the core and provides you with inner strength. I started feeling so energetic and strong that I can feel the rise in the stamina and change in my overall health condition. Basti treatment is also given for menstrual problems, constipation, back pain, chronic diseases related to intestine, and many other problems.

Basti treatment for weight loss and infertility is one of the proven ways to solve the modern days problem.

Me and my family has noted a tremendous glow on my skin after going through the treatment, so whatever you consume and the treatment, starts reflecting on your skin.

How Basti Panchkarma treatment is done?

For starting with the Basti Panchkarma treatment, you have to plan out with the diet as proper diet can give the best results.

Basti treatment procedure

In Basti treatment massage is done with special concoction of oils on your whole body, then steam is given to release out all the toxins. Finally enema is given.

On day one, you are given an enema of various oil concoctions which is to be retained in the body. For this you have to follow a pattern of very light diet with particular interval of time.

Before taking the enema, you should have a small dose of food such as an apple, mamra of khichdi. This can hold the oil for longer period of time. This oil in the body is going to oil your entire body system and nourish each muscles and joints.

The next day you will be given same massage, steam , but today enema will be a concoction of kadha prepared according to your prakriti (body type). The experience of kadha is totally different compared to oil. You are not suppose to eat anything today. But as soon as the enema is given, your body will feel a severe urge to excrete. It will clean entire gut.

Basti treatment can be taken for six days or 8 days. 8 days is considered as full fledged treatment.

Same alternate cycle is repeated for seven days, but the last day oil concoction is given.

Can you take basti treatment at home?

Though in ancient literature, it is mentioned to take regular basti treatment at home. Method of taking Basti treatment by self is given in books giving training for Yogasana practices, but in present times, it should not be taken without expert.

I was instructed by the doctor to get the basti treatment done, every 3 years, but it depends on your need. A woman, who was facing conceiving problem has taken basti twice in a year and has witnessed positive results.

Basti treament prices varies depending upon the city and Ayurvedic doctors. Somewhere it is being charged too high in name of spa. So go for an expert with immense knowledge in Ayurveda and Panchkarma.

Virechan treatment

Virechan is a Panchkarma treatment taken to balance Pitta dosha from the body. It is helpful in diabetes, herpes, elephantiasis, gynaec problems and many other diseases as per the body type of the individual.

Panchkarma diet

Human body in Ayurveda is classified with 3 types of dosha. Cough, pitt and vaat dosha. Balance of all these dosha ensures a healthy life. Disturbances in any of these starts a problem in the system. Balancing of dosha through external treatment is then sought for attaining a healthy state of mind and body. When we are talking of entire cleansing, it is necessary to follow a strict diet pattern. The food that should be taken during the entire treatment should be completely light on the intestine. It could be a khichdi, oats, soups (homemade), vegetables and strict no to the foods that create gas (vaat dosha). Right from the day, you start the treatment, you should be very strict with your diet. Even after completing the treatment the dietary pattern should be followed for minimum 26 days and as long as you can as ultimately it is for your own benefit.



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