Are you feeling dull of using the same old plain T-shirts? Here is a tip to try on Plain T-Shirt to A Watermark Shirt. A little love letter on your T-shirt, or a funky note that shows your wild side, can be the change you need to reinvent your T-shirt or have a fresh new look. It’s the perfect way to customize your T-shirt and show your own fashion sense.

The watermark shirt or watermark print shirt is about creating the illusion of having a watermark effect on your t-shirt. This style is like a fashion statement that can carry your message or work of art, it is the best way to show your creativity.img_08181

Plain T-Shirt to A Watermark Shirt

Things you will need to create the D-I-Y watermark shirt:

The shirt or top you will work on: preferably white cotton. Of course you have the freedom to choose the color of shirt you will work on and match it with a different dye color, like for example; working on a pink shirt, and dye it in blue or red.

Glue: you will need tinted gel glue that’s washable and comes in an easy squeeze bottle

Fabric Dye: get the dye in the color you want, it will be better if you get the concentrated dye type.

A plastic board: you will use it to stretch your top and separate the front and the back.

A bowl: you will need it for the dyeing process.

First thing you will do is wet your top with cool, room temperature water, and then you will make the plastic board wear the top. This way you will be able to have a better grip on the top while working on the top. Now, get your glue and start drawing on the top, or writing your favorite inspirational quotes. It is your top, so you can get as creative as you want.


After you finish working with the glue, you will leave it to completely dry, which could take a long time, so it may be better if you do this and let it dry overnight. In a clean bowl, you will add cool, room temperature water and start adding your concentrated dye. The amount of dye you add depends on the color concentration you want, for example; the more dye you add, the deeper and richer the color will be. You should know that dye color in the water and on the top will be around two shades darker than the real color that you will get when your dyed top dries.


You will keep soaking your top in the dyed water till you get the color you want, and till you make sure that all of the fabric absorbed the dye equally. Don’t over soak the top though, or you will lose the glue and ruin the idea of the watermark effect. After you get your top dyed, you will lay it flat till it dries to allow the dye to set.


Prepare soapy room temperature water to soak the top in for 15 minutes, after it dries well. This way you will wash the glue out completely revealing the watermark effect. Afterwards, you can wash your shirt and dry it as you would do with any other top. That’s it; you can now go out and show off your new watermark print top that you made yourself.



So here is the final completed product, which you would enjoy to wear. Plain T-Shirt to A Watermark Shirt will give you satisfaction of wearing something created by your own.


  1. this is probably the very coolest idea I have seen in a really long time…..
    what’s the purpose to tinted gel glue and not just a fabric glue or any ol glue .

    and please if you don’t mind, do you just peel the glue off once it’s soaked for the allotted ?
    I’m digging for a shirt to try rite now, I’m so excited to try this.


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