Pondicherry, the union territory of India, but what comes to my mind with the name is the deep state of calmness and serenity with it. The other identity that goes with the UT of Puducherry is the Arvind Ashram. Another name and resemblance to peace of mind. Deep down my memory lane, I remember the huge waves of sea breaking through the sea coast, actually breaking up the huge blocks built in the mind. So, enough have I discussed about my experiences with Puducherry. I still wish to repeatedly visit the place and explore it through a different window. This time, it is definitely going to be the culture, people, food, language and above all the French connection.

Now that I have made up my mind for traveling to Pondicherry, I have found an interesting package from Blue Berry Trails. The time and arrangements are just perfect to witness the best of the place. The trip is planned to commence by 8th December and end on 12th December, 2016. It is planned with a reasonable cost of per person Rs. 25,730 compared to the aspects covered in the trip.


Let us have a look at highlights of the Pondicherry tour.

  • To have a real feel of the french era, the stay is planned in a picturesque french villa.
  • A guided heritage walk with a knowledgeable guide is planned through Tamil and French Quarters.
  • Making your tour adventurous is also one of the interesting aspect of this package. A guided surfing lesson through the tiding waves by a trained surfing expert is included in the plan.
  • When you are on the tour to explore the culture, then it is must to travel through the actual old city and lanes. A cycle tour in the morning is planned through the undisclosed lanes and it will be interesting to learn some local stories from the guide.
  • Each culture and each place have their unique food culture. Pondicherry is about French and Tamil blend. You would love to explore the food culture of the past era in the old lanes. Exploration through the cafes and restaurants for foodie delight is all set in the package.
  • Experiencing the tranquillity of the spiritual side of human facet is the untold phase of visit to Pondicherry. If a visit to Puducherry is on the list and you skip the visit to Auroville, then your entire trip is in vain. It is a must to visit Arvind Ashram and experience the serenity.
  • To add the cherry on the cake an evening concert at cafe de flora to add the entire relaxation tour.
  • The relaxing walks through the beach side, watching the old colonial buildings and just chilling out in peace is all the motto to rejuvenate you, in and out.

If you have made up your mind and wish to explore Pondicherry then definitely go through the package planned by Blue Berry Trails.

The tour is all set to begin from Chennai and to Chennai with Air travel. The good part is all includes and excludes are clearly mentioned in the trip note. So do visit the page and think about planning a tour to Pondicherry.

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