Gone are the days when people born in the 60’s or 70’s would howl and cry over the new generations forgetting age-old Indian sports such as Kabaddi and Gulli danda.

Present day is also the time when parents are worried about their kids are becoming mobile mongers. What would happen to the young one who plays all the sports only on mobile?

Then came of a ray of light called Pro Kabaddi League. A Kabaddi tournament, which started in 2014. It presented that gully famous Indian sport to uber urban class, in the most urban lucrative way. Within 4 years of its inception, kabaddi is now once again popular sport among classes and masses. Big and small schools across India have started including Kabaddi as one of the sports in the curriculum.

Let us have a look at the teams participating and the format of the tournament.

There are in total 12 teams participating. Each team is distributed as per the zones or the locations.

Name of the teams participating in Pro Kabaddi Team

  • Bengal Warriors from Bengal
  • Bengaluru Bulls from Bangalore
  • Dabang Delhi KC from Delhi
  • Gujarat Fortune Giants from Gujarat
  • Haryana Steelers from Haryana
  • Jaipur Pink Panthers from Jaipur
  • Patna Pirates from Patna
  • Puneri Paltan from Pune
  • Tamil Thailavas from Tamilnadu
  • Telugu Titans from Andhra, Telangana
  • U Mumba from Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • UP Yoddha from Uttar Pradesh

Teams are selected by the owners of the teams just like the format of IPL. There are layers added to the management for a kit sponsor, main sponsor, associate sponsors and owners who work together to bring the game to national highlight. Along with this, earlier frustrations of players ranting over the inadequacy of facilities and practice issues are also resolved by such structures. Players are also getting enough limelight with proper recognition and good remuneration. The winning team gets prize money of 3 crore rupees.

One more lucrative feature of Pro Kabaddi league is to get 3 foreign players in their team. This gesture is going to bring international focus towards the sports being played in India. How teams are distributed in Pro Kabaddi League

Teams are divided into sections. It is based on geographical proximity. This times in A zone Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi are in one zone. Zone B includes Bengaluru, Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Telangana.

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They need to play 15 intra-zonal matches and 7 inter-zonal matches

  • 5 point for each win
  • Three  points to both teams if match results in a draw
  • One point if the team loses by very low margin such as 7 points or less
  • Top three teams get chance for final play.

So now make a point to watch Pro Kabaddi League every year and cheer for our very own Indian sport. Let us cheer it in a way that its popularity crosses the boundaries and borders and reach different corners of the world. Someday, India becomes the one sending their coaches and players to other parts of the world to prepare players in games like Kabaddi.


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