Radha Krishna Wallpaper Hd For PC, if you speak of love nothing goes perfect without the name of Radha Krishna, the symbol of eternal love.

Vastu experts suggest to keep Radha Krishna hd Wallpapers Full Size in bedrooms of any couple to keep the love blooming.

Krishna Bhakti is like dissolving yourself in Krishna. Rising yourself to the level of divine. Krishna Wallpaper download can bring that eternal concentration towards the divine. We have also collected HD wallpapers of Krishna.

Radha Krishna Wallpaper Hd For PC

Radha Krishna Wallpaper Hd For PC god-radha-krishna

Radha Krishna hd wallpapers full size

Radhe Krishna symbolizes pure love. Whole world moves after Krishna, but Krishna only seeks for Radha. Radha was Krishna’s friend, his guide. There was no worldly measures of their love for each other. So, Radha Krishna relationship is all about pure love, divinity and eternity.

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Krishna promised to protect Draupadi from Kauravas during Chirharan. She sent him few traces of her clothes as a Rakhi to protect him. In this regard, Rakshabandhan is celebrated since ages. Happy Raksha Bandhan Hd Wallpaper 2019

Beautiful Radha Krishna Wallpaper for iPhone

Rukmini was Krishna’s first wife. Krishna married 16000 other Gopis. He married them to save them from some evil of society.

Lord-Radha-Krishna-HD-Wallpapers1Radha Krishna HD wallpaper with Holy Cow

Krishna is also known as makhan chor, one who steals butter. He loved to eat butter and drink milk from the cows. Krishna worshiped cows and nurtured them. He was a shepherd, Gopa in his early life. Hindus worship cow as their God worshiped cow. Holy Cow is one of the best healers of various diseases. Hindus use every kind of Cow product in their lives.

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Radha Krishna HD Desktop Background for MacBookRadha Krishna HD Background

Lord Krishna always wore a morpankh on with his mukut. The feather of the peacock is considered auspicious in India. Young kids are till date dressed in attire of Krishna during special days, especially on the day of Janmasthmi.

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HD wallpapers Krishna with peacock

Krishna promised his devotees to be back in Kalyug to help them in form of Shreenathji. Shreenathji is now in Nathdwara of Rajasthan, where every Vaishnav expresses their gratitude towards Krishna.

radha krishna hd wallpapers full size
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Lord Krishna’s birth place is Mathura. He was then carried by his father to his friend Nand at Vrundavan, where he was brought up. Gokul is the name of the place and Vrundavan was the thickets where  he played with his childhood friends. He is believed to play Raas with Radha and Gopis at Vrundavan.


Radha Krishna hd Wallpapers Full Size

Krishna is considered full faceted human with all gunas a human needs to have to survive in Kalyuga. He taught the way of life through Bhagvad Gita.


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Downloading Krishna wallpaper with Radha and keeping in your room will bring that same love and romance of eternity between you and your partner.


Lord Krishna wallpaper download

Krishna is the most decorated God of Hindus. He depicts properity, love and happiness of life.


3D images of Lord Krishna

Expecting mothers keep childhood pics of Lord Krishna  to have a lovely kid like Krishna. There are episodes of stories of Krishna’s childhood where he teased his mother. He steal butter from his neighbors. Maa Yashoda running after him to beat him. Krishna singing Maiya mori mein nahi maakhan khayo.

Krishna with his mother image of krishna childhood

Krishna Janmashtami wallpaper hd

For Krishna Janamasthmi wallpaper people generally prefer to have images of Krishna’s childhood. Many stories of Krishna’s childhood are famous where Yamuna ji gave way to Vasudeva after touching Krishna’s feet. Krishna defeating a huge snake in Yamuna water. Shri Krishna killing Kansa and relieving people from his atrocities.


Radha Krishna Wallpaper Hd For PC from Iskon – International society for Krishna Conscious.

Krishna conscious is everything about love. Love towards the supreme. Forgetting self existence and getting dissolved in his existence.

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