When I saw the topic on an Indispire section of Indiblogger on writing about your past lives, I found it very interesting to put up my experiences, in my words. Though, I can’t strongly agree with reincarnations or imaginations of one’s mind.

I have kept on facing some bliss or blessings around me, throughout the period of my life. But it never means that I had a super cool life. The things were actually on a reverse side and may be that was the reason of identifying the blessings around me and showing gratitude towards it. I always had a tendency to get irritated, when someone orders me some work and I had my own way of living, right from my childhood. When my mom shouted at me for doing some household work, I was feeling, Why? Something was going inside me, that why should I be ordered or asked for work, it was not the laziness, but I was not used to it. Now, again the question will arise that in my kind of family, where I was brought up all females were used to doing household works, then why I always felt it deep from inside, to get angry on the one, who shows me any kind of work apart from my own wish.

Time passed on and life too. I repeatedly faced incidents that were dragging me to think that what is all this? I am a believer in alternative medical practices and sought help of a graphologist. There I came to know that they are also conducting past life regression therapy. Past life regression therapy is a therapy in which an individual is taken into deep state of hypnosis and there his or her reincarnations are tested and known. Proofs of many reincarnations are found through this therapy. I asked them, if they can give me that experience. They agreed. I was so keen to know my past life and pass through the past life regression therapy that I was afraid, if my husband will deny, so I didn’t discuss anything with him and went ahead for it. It was a hidden adventure.


We conducted a session, I could not see anything from the past, but pass through the most beautiful experience of life, that is death. It was my transition from present life to past lives. Getting dissolved in white light and getting that ultimate peace and the cooling breeze. The moment I entered my past lives, I was getting restless and could not see anything. After some hard try, we left with the session and I came back to my present life. The experience of coming back to present life was not that exhilarating as it was for death. I felt a kind of dizziness, my therapist asked me to take some rest there, have some water. By that time, my in-laws have started calling me, that where I am lost and in all the tension, I went back, driving my car in the dizzy condition.

I had my lunch in the same state of mind and went to sleep. I slept into a deep sleeping experience, which I never experienced before and during that sleep I started visualizing a picture reel, moving as fast as the speed of light in front of me. I could see huge Havelis of West Bengal, I am playing in a pink ultra rich fairy like dress. My dad is there having his business talks, people are calling him Lord. He is wearing a hat like a Britisher. We are an Indian family and raised up in British environment. Then came the part of life, Marriage. I was married to same rich upper class Bengali family. But, here living standards are Indian. Females have no value and these differences started scorching me from inside. I was so unhappy with my existence and the type of life I had to live that I died too early in my life.

I don’t know how true or how imaginative it is. Reincarnations are never believed easily and people who have talked about are taken light heartedly.




  1. So you have actually experienced the past life regression!
    It’s interesting to read about your experience.

    1 Qn- Was the person’s face the same as your dad whom you saw as your father in the vision during your sleep?
    I’m really keen how this works.
    I do believe in reincarnation.


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