Relationships are of several kinds. It can be friendly, affectionate, hateful, normal or cordial. These kinds of relationships depend upon person to person. Say between a mother and child, it is affectionate. Mother takes care of her child although with affection so that the child learns to pick up the order of the day and duties. Mostly the relationship among mother, father and children are affectionate. They call their children with nick names due to affection, for example, Anjali is called Anju and Sanjay is called Sanju. The relation between a husband and wife is cordial and affectionate, but there is variation from pair to pair. The differences crop up due to various factors mainly domestic and social conditions. The affectionate relationship sometimes become sour and they both would be at loggerheads.

mother and child relationship


          The relationship between two friends is called friendly since they have mostly common views of prevailing things and help each other at their respective needs. There are different types of relations maintained at different levels and fields. The relation also counts while running the government. The ruling party which forms the government faces stiff opposition from the rival parties. The government brings new laws for running the government. But generally it is strongly opposed by the opposition. What the opposition demands are rejected by the government. During national security problems, they both cooperate. The relation between the arch rivals always aims at destroying each other. The dumb animals also have relationship. Generally they are affectionate to their siblings. Some animals are arch rivals like lion and an elephant. The wild animals are always desirous of killing or eating weaker animals. The relation between the employers and employees has to be maintained with certain norms and standards for smooth functioning of the institutions and offices.

friendship relationship

     The relation between nations depends upon their normality. Normal or friendly related countries help each other by way of having soft Visa rules allowing people to visit each other countries. They also have good cultural relations and supply and procure their requirements. Arms producing countries supply arms to other weaker countries to ensure building strong defense system. Mostly the neighbouring countries have border dispute problem and generally do not have good relations. Their army force is kept ready to attack each other. This alarming situation is prevailing in the world. In general, good and friendly relationship helps each other. A sour relation or stressful relationships always create threat of war or disturbances.

country level relationship

So, based on these facts there are tips offered by experts to maintain good relationships to have a harmonious existence. These relationship tips are vital for the survival and functioning of institutions in the world.



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