In most of the movies, the morning is the brightest moment of the day, where everyone looks perfect when wakes up and has all the time in the world to serve the perfect breakfast. In fact, the morning is the time of the day, when you hate your phone alarm that sounds frantic and you feel too tired to open your eyes and press the STOP button.


remedies for morning
Perhaps you promised in your thoughts to make a change in your lifestyle, when you barely crawl your tired and sleepy body to the bathroom in the morning, for a revival shock with cold water and mint toothpaste. Here’s what you should do, if you have finally decided to apply the plan of cheerful dawn awakening, with energy and fun!

remedies for morning
Prepare your body for resting
Is it your wish to be fresh and shining like morning dew at 7 o’clock, when you got into bed the previous day after midnight and two glasses of soda with caffeine? You have all the chances to be directly hit by a big disappointment in the crack of dawn!

remedies to star fresh

A rested body in the morning is the one that was pleased with quality and continuous sleeping. This means that you avoid all alimentary stimulants with at least two hours prior to getting into bed, such as coffee, red wine or chocolate. Caffeine gives you directly proportional energy to insomnia, while other substances might stimulate your guts enough, in order to have a restless sleep.
Be peaceful with your boyfriend or partner, before going to bed
Argues with your partner could lead in many times to poor sleeping quality. Troubles, worries and alertness while waiting for a sign of peace from him are all factors that significantly affect your sleep. Get in bed only after you make out with him, even if this means small compromises: your well-being in the morning will compensate that!

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Avoid “night time trips” to the bathroom
When you drink a glass of water and you immediately fall asleep, your chances to be woken up after an hour because you need to go to the bathroom are high. Your body continues to work during the night as well and does not care about your tenderness in the morning. It’s indicated to give up with drinking liquids with 60 minutes prior to getting into bed and to also go the bathroom before going to sleep. Thus, you can avoid disruption of sleeping because of diuretic reasons.
Make sure you are in full comfort
The environment in which you sleep is very important for the quality and quantity of your rest every night. When you sleep in a messy space, you will get up dizzy in the morning. The first thing to do for happier mornings is to have your window or door open where fresh air can get into the room. If you sleep with closed doors and windows, you inhale the same carbon dioxide during the night which is not possible to get out of the room.

sleeping comfort for fresh morning

Establish a healthy wake-up routine
Finally, combating morning tenderness is also possible by establishing a healthy wakeup routine which will instantly energize you. Drink immediately a glass of water after opening your eyes: your metabolism will receive a significant impulse and will kill any sign of sleepiness. Do some exercises and you will feel wonderful the whole day!

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