Dear Sir, you have very rightly marked the letter to your Grand daughters, who actually happens to be a Nanda and a Bachchan. I can very clearly say that in a country like India, where a girl child has to fight, right from the moment she is in the womb of her mother, only a Bachchan and a Nanda can have a privilege to make their own choices.

Sir, don’t you think, your letter is too one sided. Being such an honorable person, some social responsibility was expected from you.

I have always had a respect for you for becoming an epitome of Karma and laying down example to the people that no age is defined to become stale and dumb. I respect you for being social ambassador for many social causes. I respect you for showing a legacy of dignity and respect to the people in the show “Kaun Banega Crorepati”. After watching this show, I have learnt one thing that the higher you rise, the more humble you should be. I think many more people like me have learnt such positive things from you. I respect you for raising Abhishek in the most valued way. (I have seen him holding hand of aged people and making someone unable wear that footwear, though the person belonged to film fraternity only. Values and moral education is need of time for today’s generation and you have laid the best example). But your letter to your grand daughters has really disappointed me.

Sir, in your letter you have talked only to your Grand daughters (girls belonging to a particular class) and not considering other daughters around the nation, who have to fight at each and every instance in their life to maintain their existence. If your letter would have been to your daughters to lead a life for a cause (as you people belong to film fraternity that affects millions of life in India) that would be a big step for the nation.

You can talk about skirt length as it can be a matter of concern for you, but what about the daughters, who rarely get enough to have choices for skirt, Saree or Salwar. I have seen many families, who feel investing in a daughter is totally waste of money.

You can tell your daughters to get married only if they need to. But here, a daughter is not allowed to live respectfully, if she is not married. Even her parents are tortured to the level, where they become victim to stress induced diabetes. Yes, its a truth of Indian society. Even though, you educate your daughter to a level, where she is doing a dignified job with huge earning, you will be charged with a name plate that you wish to live on your daughter’s money.

I just wish to convey that life of a girl child in India is still not safe in middle class, upper middle class and not at all safe in classes of the people, where they could hardly earn to have their bread and butter.

Sir, you have observed life in a better perspective than all of us. You have moved around India and have got better chance to witness conditions in every corner. So talking only about skirt length or marriage is a very short visioned letter for you. Though I appreciate your thoughts and thinking for your daughters.

Your few tweets or social messages can change thousands of lives in India. Just Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao is not enough in a country like India, but Betiyo ko Jine Do.

Also wish people to know that eradication of those age old, man mastered society and inculcating morales and values in your male child can only lead to a better living for daughters in India. I have mentioned same thing in my article, when I was in a trauma of Nirbhaya rape case. how raping a woman can be avoided in India.



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