You wish to say “I Love You” to that special someone. We have come up with the most Romantic ways to say I Love You. I love you, simple three letter word isn’t it? But how hard it is, to confess to the one, whom you actually love. Valentine’s day is celebrated in the name of love and for the lovers. When you wish to express your love in the most romantic way, then you have to think of something special. The amazing way to say I Love You is the way you actually speak, I Love You, may it be the first time or you have already said it hundreds of times.

Romantic Ways To Say I Love You

 10 Most Romantic Ways to Say I Love You

  1. A walk on beach with your date at night time, when roaring sea and shining stars are there to make your proposal star studded with natural music. While walking, you just kneel down and propose her to be the star of your life. Many of you are searching for Romantic ways to say I love you for the first time, then what can be better than this.
  2. If you wish to say ‘I Love You’ to your spouse, then the bedtime is the best one. When he is just half asleep, whisper in his ears these three magical words, “I Love You”. What can be more romantic than experiencing the love in the trance state. The most romantic way to say I love you in words is simply say I Love You. Your eyes speak more than your words.
  3. The best arrangement of proposing a girl can be made at home. You can prepare her favorite food for her. If you are not a great cook, then it is very good for you. Before expressing your feelings for her, she will get to know that you have taken this special trouble to please her. I would say, this one is the most romantic way to say I Love You to your girlfriend.
  4. When you wish to say I Love You to your husband or wife or spouse, then, having a bath together under the shower is the best moments to say I love you and confess the love. Make it more interesting by writing on the mirror, “I Love You”. You would love to see the smile on the face of your spouse.
  5. Talking to a man on drinks is a bit crazy, but totally craziest way of saying I love you to your boyfriend. So have a toast first for a friend and declare your love for him. Even if you are totally drunk, your madness is all acceptable tonight. This is totally crazy, but a cute way of confessing love to your guy on that special day.
  6. Let a CD or Pen Drive work for you – Old Is Gold. Old traditional way of saying I love you to someone you love. Record all your emotions and feelings for him and give the CD as the token of love to your spouse. You can also try this idea on anniversary to wish in special ways to say I Love you to your spouse.

This is completely off beat way of proposing a guy or a gal. But you can make it fancy by creating your own video expressing your love, desire and wishes for your date. Collect all those lovely romantic songs of all time hits in English and Hindi to say I Love You in the most romantic musical way.

We have collected some blissful Romantic Hd images for love to express that love in your heart 😉

  1. Email can do the rest to show your love to your valentine.

Emails were there and are there. You can never deny their presence. Just let it pop in your boyfriend or husband’s official email id to show your love with just simple “I Love You”. No Jazzy pictures nothing, just I Love You and he will understand. Do you think it is a geeky way to say I love you

  1. Mobile can also say  I Love You in the Most Romantic way to your boyfriend.

Record your voice in his mobile saying hey you, I Love You and set it as an alarm for some busy hours of the day. Let him get surprised. He will be blushing with happiness.

  1. It’s just because I Love You

You can take all the pain of cooking all his favorite stuff and reach his place. Just write on the packing It’s just because I Love You. A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Having food with the one you love on the special day is always very Romantic way of showing your love to your husband.

  1. Firecrackers

Though very old way, but always effective. Arranging for a lighting in “I Love You” style is also a very romantic way of showing your love. You can adjust a laser light writing, I Love You at some height to make her feel the love. Let the love say it all. Love is in the air on the Valentine’s day and all you need is a little effort to show your love. Just imagine her happiness, when you confess your feelings with these most romantic ways to Say I Love You.

Is it still a problem on How to say I Love You in the most romantic way? All the creative, cute and crazy ideas for proposing and showing love are mentioned to make your valentine day special. Just go ahead and pick the most romantic ways to Say I Love You to your loved one.

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