Have we started falling so short of humanity? Everyday, something new is being added to the demon side of the mankind. RIP humanity. I always have a tendency to just put aside negative news, because of my over sensitive nature, but today once again Taliban massacred more than 126 students in the Army school of Peshawar, Pakistan, got my head numb. Present count is 126 dead and still it can increase. The most heart tearing situations would have been for the parents. I read somewhere, that the parents were trying to break the barricades to enter the school, when the gun firing was on. As a parent, when you see, your kid falling, you yourself fall down with him, with a pain in heart, that you could not protect your kid from getting hurt. What would be the pain of the parents, who just had to witness the chaos and killing of there dear ones.

Where are we heading as humans? It is said that a mother is also born with a child, the same is the case with a father. Any male would love to carry his kid on his shoulder, teach him to walk and talk with him in his child ridden language. When they grew up, the parents still are parents. They keep on discussing about the little deeds, their kids used to do, when they were at 6 years of his age, at 2 of his age or any phases of life.

It is a human nature, that a person, who has seen his kid growing or participated in upbringing of a kid, always sees young children with that same love. Let’s say, not the same amount, but that soft heart inside starts beating. Then how can anyone kill, school children. They are yet to move out in the world. They are totally aloof from the negativity, protests or any terror.  Whenever, the name of God is taken, children are compared with HIM. School children, what can be their age? Maximum 18, if higher secondary is there.

school kids killed in army school

Terrorism sees no dead end and every day a new terrorist activity is being introduced in one or other name. Yesterday, Sydney in Australia was under threat, today Peshawar in Pakistan. Killing of kids has introduced the worst face of terrorism.

The population of world is 7.125 billion in 2013. This means there are more than 7.125 billion minds, which have their own thoughts. Everyone needs their space, everyone wants to live happily and everyone has their own positive and negative sides. Seeing all this aspects, what comes to my mind is, we have to deal with different kind of mentalities, right from our home till the world level. The only solution is compassion and understanding for the other person. We, the human race, won’t be able to survive, if we keep on fighting in names of everything. Somewhere you understand, somewhere me, that is the only thing that can keep the things going.

Hats off to Mahatma Gandhi, who gave up his luxurious life to find freedom for India and that too, with total Ahimsa – non violence. Indian independence is an example for the world that the world’s largest democracy is still running with sacrifices of great non violent freedom fighters.

Killing of school kids by Taliban in Peshawar, Pakistan, the headline is on every news channel. Those parents won’t find vision from tears to see any headlines. Spare humanity, spare kids.



  1. Hope the souls rest in peace. The verbatim story shared by TOI makes me feel sick of the mental cruelty the terrorists had. They wanted to show the soldiers the feeling when someone dear to them die. I have criticized soldiers attack on terrorists families as well. These incidents only forces me to say – RIP Humanity.

    • Thanks Parthasadhukhan for expressing your views. Innocent people may it be kids or anyone, should not be killed to prove your point, such as Jihad or fights of borders

  2. Targeting kids and innocent public is so sad.
    I have cried a lot, Twinkle.
    What sort of a world do we stay in?

    I totally agree with you that every mind on this planet must think of good things like love, compassion & understanding.

    • Thank you so much Anita.. Yesterday, we attended school function of young kids upto Sr. Kg. Life was blossoming and happiness could be seen everywhere. Grand Parents could not stop themselves to come on stage and dance with kids.. And I was thinking of this attack that this terrorist should be prisoned with this kids to know what life is..


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