Now that the tiring day is over, shed all the burdens and hustles of life with a lovely bath and wonderful nightwear. How relaxing it is, just to have a feel of slipping into the comfort of a cosy night dress. Night wears are like an ‘at-home’ feeling. It gives that sense of relaxation and wrap of a hectic day. Every individual should have a relaxing sleep to rejuvenate and prepare the self for the next day. A comfortable cosy night is one step towards preparing oneself for the wonderful night of sleep. In this article, we are planning to cover different kinds of nightwear and how to select the perfect one for yourself.

How to select the perfect nightwear for a lovely sleep?

The main focus area for selecting nightwear is the comfort factor. Let’s have a look at the comfort factors that are very much necessary to consider while selecting a perfect night dress.

How to select the perfect nightwear for a lovely sleep

Fabric: For me the most important factor that covers my comfort level is fabric. Cotton and mul- cotton are the go-to fabrics for comfort. Silk is also people’s favourite for nightwear. Lungi kurta night dress looks the best in silk material. Indian climate and the cotton fabric go hand in hand. As per season, you can keep on changing the type of night dress. Like full sleeves pyjama set for winter, sleeveless slip for summer.

Size: Size does always matter. You can opt for long length pyjamas for winter and shorties for summer. These days, entire sets are available with six-piece nightdress, which consists of all options. Nightwear fits should be rather a comfort one. Body fits are not at all the one preferred for lovely night sleep. When you stand in front of the mirror you should feel a bit proud for your body in your night dress.

Colour: Selection of the colour shows what you are. If you are staying with a partner then the colours of the night dress are the major factor to show your mood to your partner. Bold and bright colours for romantic nights can make your time the best. Peach, pink, cream and whites are for subtle personalities who can be at peace any time. These colours are always welcome in anyone’s nightwear wardrobe.

Types Of Nightdress Selection:

Nighties – Though I had never been a nighty person but the day I had to wear it to stay at a relative’s place impromptu, it made me think the other way around. It’s flowy fabric, bright colour with slight embroidered work can instantly make you appealing.

Pyjama sets: You can find it in every girl’s wardrobe. It is so comfortable that it has swept the entire night dress market.

Baby dolls: Baby dolls are just for women who wish to sizzle up the fiery nights.

Nightdress: Nightdress robe sets are the best for the women, who are living in joint families. It is also good when you prefer to wear night dress early before going to bed.

These are the major tips to choose the perfect nightdress. So, hopefully, you choose the perfect nightwear taking into consideration the above pointers.


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