Friends, I daily read or listen about rapes, unethical sexual practices, extra marital affairs only for sex. I feel what is all this? Is it that much necessary to put down all your ethics, principals or just being so easy targets of human desires. Then again thought came to my mind that in India, Sex is considered something which raises question mark on people’s face, a reason to make ugly faces. Once again my thought process started poking me that this is the same country where sex is celebrated at Khajuraho Mandir and the knowledge of sex is shared in a very artistically written book called “Kama sutra“. So am I in any way justifying today’s people’s behavior on Sex? No, Here actual torch light comes.


Indian culture was perhaps designed in such a way that all aspects of life were considered with open mindedness and as per the requirements of life. The life of a person is divided in four stages, basically called as Ashram system. Brahmacharya ashram, Grihasth ashram, Vanaprastha ashram and Sanyasth Ashram. An individual has to abide by these ashrams completely and perform his/her duty with complete dedication. Among all, Grihasth Ashram is considered to be the phase of humans life when he/ she has to get married, enjoy sex, perform worldly duties. Here in, it is a famous sayings among so many thoughts, that Khajuraho temples were designed to give them the idea of different sexual positions, bringing a kind of awareness of worldly pleasures. It is also believed that they were created to perform tantric rituals. These temples are located in the state of Madhya Pradesh.



Note: Khajuraho temples are not only projections of sex positions but carvings of potters, farmers, women doing make up. It should not be overlooked, that woman beauty is carved in best of manners here. Even if you urge to visit Khajuraho sculptures, then visit it with positive approach towards life and most positively human expression of love and dedication.


Whatever, it may be, but it clarifies that ancient systems of India have given due approval to Sex, but always in a controlled manner. Kama sutra, another book on details of sex also throws light on Sex and positions of Sex and explains in-depth the values of family life. Dharma, Arth, Kama and Moksha, where Kama signifies physical, sexual tendency of human, which is accepted as part of human life. But no where, in any culture, there was any description of rapes. So, we humans have taken this gift of god to our hidden demon tendencies.


In spiritual aspect, it is said that a soul takes birth to finally attain Moksha and Dharma, Artha and Kama are stages to be passed with humanly approach to attain Moksha. So, Sex is considered as a platform to attain spiritual oneness with the ONE (don’t forget Dharma, where you have to stick to your dharma (dharma, in today’s world is taken in very narrow approach as a religion, but dharm is a faith, sticking to that faith) as a human and Artha, where you have to earn to fulfill needs of your family and survive). This topic can be very controversial and debatable, but it should be clear that everything in human life should be with a purpose and ethics. Behavior like stray dogs can no longer put us in the rank of humans. kamasutra-scene-on-the-wall-of-a-temple-in-khajuraho-madhya-pradesh-india-1600x1066I


  1. I do agree with your this line: ‘But no where in any culture there was any description of rapes. So we humans have taken this gift of god to our hidden demon tendencies’.

  2. Fully agree to you.. our society nowadays becomes so narrow minded..ancient culture helps us to survive ourselves but people seems to see it on their own ways and not exactly the way it is given.


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