Who would understand human relations more than you and me. Today, we decided to have a pick on some of the Top Emotional Short Love Stories That Make You Cry.

From the day, we are born, we get involved in many relationships. Relationships are always there to be cherished. The love, the warmth and the happiness a person gets from a healthy relationship makes him the best person.

Appreciating the people, who shower their love on you is the only motive of this post. Do not forget to acknowledge the love with a simple note of thanks or hug after reading this post.

Top Emotional Short Love Stories That Make You Cry

  1. Misogyny of Indian Surname Change

Reena is back to her parent’s home after her marriage. It is her “Pag Fera”. Her parents are excited to know how she is treated after her love marriage.

Reena is very happy to be married to the person, she loved. But somewhere the pain of nonacceptance by her in laws is already killing her. The repeated reminder of belonging to a lower caste was continuously haunting her. Though she was highly educated and working at very reputed post.

Among all these, there was one more scenario of happiness and pain. From the day, Reena was born, her father started feeling like a King. Coz, he was now having a princess. Today, his princess was handed over to someone else. He is unsure whether they will love her the way he did. But out of traditions and for her happiness, he got her married.

Emotional Short Love Stories That Make You Cry

Last day, when Reena was returning to her in- laws, there came the postman. There was a mail for Reena. Mail mentioned “Reena Rana”. Her father took it in his hands and tears poured out of his eyes. Now my Reena Rana will be someone else’s “Reena Sharma”. He could only say, “Beta I wish I could keep you with me life long and treasure each and every bit of your existence in my life”. Reena was speechless, but could not hold her tears.

2. Giving it Back

A typical Indian joint family. The grand mother of the family is 82 now. She has started predicting about her end nearby. She is happy and contented with her life. Kids of the family are grown up and the Grand Ma has played with their kids too. The immense respect and love that she receives from her family makes her happy like heaven.

Today, she has become much weaker. Her son who is 52 now. He is forcing her to take insulin injection. As her sugar has shot high. She is angry on him. Whole family was near her having fun. In one way  they were trying to convince her to take medicines and other they were making fun with her. She was laughing and smiling on jokes.

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Err!! What’s this? She has puked. She has puked on face of her son. All are shocked. Grand ma herself is terribly shocked. She was afraid, what will happen next. Her son wiped his face. Daughter in law cleaned her. Everyone got engaged in cleaning everything. Son came out of the bathroom. Grand Ma called him and started asking for forgiveness. She was very sorry. Son said “oh my dear mom, what did you do, when I was puking, soiling and wetting you?” She hugged him and cried.

She is no more but this incident is a life time lesson for all the young family members.

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3. The Unfulfilled Love Story

Harshida and Mayank are terribly in love with each other. Harshida’s parents were not ready for their marriage. Mayank’s parents took a step ahead and tried convincing Harshida’s parents. Her parents were typical caste fanatics.

Finally, Mayank’s parents took the driving seat and got Harshida and Mayank married to each other. Harshida’s parents did not attend the wedding. Still both of them are very happy to get married to the one, they love dearly. After few months of marriage, they both welcomed their first girl child. Whole family is very happy to have the feeling of completeness.

unfulfilled love story

Mayank and his father are engaged in car travelling business. There business is also in best of its phase. Sometimes Mayank and his father also drive car for the visitors in lack of drivers time.

After two years of birth of their daughter, they had one more child. They named him Gautam. Happiness is showering from every end.

Today, one client is too much in hurry and need to reach his destination very soon. Mayank and his father thought that since journey is very long they both will join the client and drive turn by turn. They went together. The climate was good and roads were clear. They were enjoying driving and listening to the music.

Suddenly the tire of the truck busted beside them. Truck driver lost control over his truck. Truck banged into Mayank’s car. All 3 of them died on the spot.

It was like sky busted on Harshida’s family. Her happy nest was torn. Her kids are so young.

Her mother in law was a strong lady. She joined a nearby hospital as nurse. She was a trained nurse earlier. She requested the doctor and got admin job for Harshida. Her kids were too young to live alone. But kids were understanding enough. Both mother in law and daughter in law tried to drag the cart of family. Huge loans of car made them to sell all the vehicles to pay out loans.

Money they earned were not enough to pay education expenses in the city. There life turned upside down. But still they dragged each and every bit of self to make their kids self reliant.

After 20 years, Harshida is sitting in the balcony waiting for her married daughter to visit her. Her whole life was running in front of her eyes, when she was married to Mayank. She is complaining to the eternity that why they took away Mayank from her.

Emotional Short Love Stories That Make You Cry – I think it had been too emotional to read this stories. I could not stop my tears while writing these. All are real life stories that made me cry.