Social awareness is the knowledge or consciousness of the society one is living in. We as members of a society have certain social and moral responsibilities in order to see the society we are living is thriving in all aspects. We should know what is happening around our world both good and bad. We should be sensible to such occasions or events which are either causing harm or damage to the society. Vice versa whether we are causing any kind of harm or posing problem to others. A society can flourish and people can live in harmony and happiness when there is social justice, good relation and understanding among people is registered.

Social Awarness

The objective of acquiring social awareness is mostly for good cause. This is one of the main purposes of humanity to eliminate any kind of social problems and social injustice and assure solution and provide a place which is suitable for a peaceful living for everyone. Knowing about the adversities and problems in the society and stretching help is appreciable by any country or people.

Social awareness should open the eyes of public for so many issues. For example helping the needy, poor and deserving at the time of natural disasters, calamities and accidents. Social awareness not only rests with the government but with the organizations formed with a group of people such as Rotary club, charitable trusts, and philanthropic trusts and NGOs Even every individual should cultivate minimum social awareness.


Great concern and social security is provided by the government, in case of natural calamities like drought and floods. During serious shortage of water, government takes up the responsibility to arrange water from various destinations with fastest modes of transport. It digs bore wells and identify more water bodies to help at the crisis.. Even social organizations help in droughts, floods, natural disasters, accidents and at times of misfortune

Some of the social organizations or trusts come forward to arrange temporary shelter and provide cool drinking water in the hot summer. Similarly during heavy rains and floods, there will be a massive destruction of property. The government will provide help by supplying food, water, shelter and financial help to recover. Social organizations collect funds and donations.

Social Awarness

Social awareness should teach people to understand the needs of others in the society and act suitably. For example, prevention of black marketing, hoarding stock of goods illegally, prevention of corruption, discouraging alcoholism, or eliminating some of the unwanted illegal practices, atrocities on women and child abuse etc. The conscious members of society run free medical check-up, providing medicines, charity hospitals, free health check up, free medicines, free dental and eye care etc. In modern days the government and other organizations are providing solutions to cyber crimes and crimes related to abuse of technology. This way we can see many are becoming social activists and bringing relief to social problems.

In general social awareness is a must to know by the individuals, groups, private and government organizations. It preaches and practices orderly and disciplined life. Social awareness helps people to see and observe the society and react consciously. The people should educate themselves and understand the world and its conflicts and become an instrument to resolve them.



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