Some intersting facts of Hindu Navratri 2015


Searching for images of Navratri or greetings and messages of Navratri 2015 can give you a superficial touch of celebrating the festival, but if you have an in depth knowledge of celebration of Navratri among Gujaratis, you will also start enjoying the festival in the different manner. Navratri is being publicized as longest festival on earth and it is so true. It is such a high energy dance that if you can actually do it for some time for 9 nights, then you don’t need to undergo any cardio exercises.

Dandiya 2014

We humans are flow of energies. Speed and motion are an integral part of our constitution and the way Garba is performed it exemplifies the flow of energy. Once again Garba is performed in a circular manner, which depicts that we believe in infinity and not the end. The circle symbolizes infinity and there is no limit to dedication or devotion to devi Durga. Hindu Navratri 2015 is starting from 21st of March, 2015 and will end on 28th March, 2015. This Navratri is also called as Chaiti Navratri or Chaitri Navratri. Same day Parsis will celebrate Navroz Mubarak, New year of Parsi community. Chaitri Navratra is basically time for worshipping and fasting only. Special Navratri recipes are prepared and fasting of full day is observed. Different provinces pronounce it in different manners such as Navratra, Navratri, Nov Ratri, but it means the same that is a festival of nine nights.

There is a very rarely known fact about the celebration and performance of Garba in Gujarat. There are two segregation called as Ancient pattern of Garba folk dance or recent form of Navratri celebrations.

Dandiya Dance 2014 Navratri

If we go to ancient patterns of Gujarati folk dance, Garba, then

1. The ladies who play Garba perform it in a circular motion and it should not be broken till the end.

2. Both the singer of Garba and the performer should be performing together in the same circle. No separate singers or orchestra should be there.

3. Only 4 musical instruments should be used. That is Jhanj, drum, flute and Sharnai. It should follow the ancient rhythm of singing and presenting Garba.

4. Garba song should be 7 to 10 mins.

5. People playing musical instruments should be sitting in the center space of the circle.

6. Enthusiasm and claps should be sound enough. It should be in perfect rhythm.

7. The ladies performing Garba should be dressed in there bangles and Bindi, the symbols of piousness as per Hindu tradition. And no black color is welcome here. Clothes are not required to be same.

Navrattri 2014

Rules are not followed specifically in recent times, but knowledge is always good.

1. A Circle can be broken or ladies can make a group of three to four to make it more attractive.

2. There should not be more than two singers.

3. Minimum four musicians and maximum up to the count of musical instruments, you can keep the musicians.

4. Song should be in the range of 8 to 10 mins for celebrating Navarathri in 2014.

5. The Orchestra can be outside the circle.

6. There is no strictness for having Bindi and bangles, but if it is there it is good. We can consider to have dresses of the same color. Black is restricted.

7. You can clap in any direction or styling of hands is also acceptable.

Navratri 2014

This is just a good piece of information, that I thought should be on the records. Whatever you do or perform in recent times, but don’t forget the devotion towards devi Durga. Only wish is, it should be Happy Navratri in 2014.



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