From my early childhood, I have had experiences of spirituality, the presence of fragrance around me, light of lamp moving in the sky and many other things that always kept on revolving in my mind till date. So far, I always preferred inviting struggles in my life. I always wanted this, that and all. I got whatsoever, I wanted but not easily. I had a nature to observe things around me. I study human emotions and¬†relationships. I always put my foot in other person’s shoe but all this led me to become a thinker.

the laws of spirit world

The thought process took me to become an unhappy person, seeing so many miseries among the people.¬† A continuous question about human relationships, the act of giving pain to others, kept on haunting my mind and my soul. It was difficult to find answers to my questions but my struggles, intensified. I sought the abode of God, the most easy human gesture or Hindu Mentality. I started sitting for hours in our home temple, lighting a lamp, incense and sometimes begging for the answers or desires, always talking to him. Don’t think from this that I am an unhappy soul.

the laws of spirit world

I was completely unaware that in this manner, I have started meditating and enjoying the bliss of life. Unknowingly, I was sitting for more than an hour in meditation. Meditation is that bliss of life, that took me to the other world. The colors in front of eyes, that heavenly shivers in the body was such an experience which I was enjoying, unknowingly. One fine day, when one of my seniors, appreciated me, saying what is making you so Lakme and Fair n Lovely, I was surprised. I got the news that meditation can work wonders for your skin, hair and entire health. I was happy like never before, confident but again some tragic incidents happened and broke my rhythm with mother nature.

the laws of spirit world

The laws of spirit world

Once again, I started questioning myself, about the existence of humans and I got this book. The Laws Of Spirit World. This book took me to some other level of thinking. In this book, the authors Khursed and Rumi Bhavnagari lost their sons, Raatu and Vispi in a car accident in 1980.

Review of the book: the laws of spirit world

After a month of deep agony and pain, they got contact from their dead sons from the other world. I remembered this entire sequence while watching movie Talaash, featuring Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan. They started giving them details about the other world. What they do their? The story of seven stages of life after death. I got so many answers to my questions from this book. The book is so well written, that no one can put it down after starting reading. It is a boon for a thinker and seeker, who wishes to know the reason behind the birth of a human.

the laws of spirit world

But does it a make a person different? It is up to the person who is reading. It is giving pressure on good deeds, deeds done with some intentions, whether good or bad and after effects of every thing. I can call it as an alarm for making you a better person.

the laws of spirit world

Laws of the spirit world pdf free download is available online. Also laws of spirit world ebook is published. Goodreads is also a good source of obtaining books.

I don’t know if these all have made me a better person or not, but I have always felt the presence of Him. Whenever I felt that something is pushing me down, that heavenly abode gave me his hands and pulled me up. That hand was always from another human being only. So, I can say I always find my God in my fellows. So once again, if I need to have His presence in my life, then I have to be considerate and feel compassion for all. This is my story in search of answers of being in this world. So far, not satisfied and still in search. You can also go through the law of spirit world book to get answers for selecting the people in your life.



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