After Baahubali, people of India have become actually one in the matter of movies and cinema. So far, south Indian movies were considered different than Hindi cinema, but now that view has changed. We are now seeing people deliberately searching for interesting South Indian movies online, on a regular basis. Hence, we too love Prabhas, Surya, Allu Arjun, Naga Chaitanya, Ram Charan now. The list is too long to include all our favourite stars. 

As mentioned before, people are searching for interesting movies to watch online. While there are many online streaming platforms out there, the collection of ZEE5 comes across as one of the best. Many great movies have got their digital premiere on the platforms. Since months now and that was the case with June too. Hence, to help all your film lover friends, we have made this list of the best movies that were released on ZEE5 in the month of June. 

Plot and star cast of Dhilluku Dhudu 2

Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 is a horror comedy Tamil movie released in early 2019. It features Santhanam, Sivadas, Rajendran, Urvashi and Sritha. The story revolves around an uncle-nephew pair who harasses their locality with their drinking habits and late night fights. The twist in the tale comes when nephew (Santhanam) is made to fall in love with Maya, who is protected by a ghost. Laughter and scares are both in abundance in the movie, basically total paisa vasool. 

Dhilluku Dhudu 2
Dhilluku Dhudu 2


Starring Nani and Shraddha Srinath in the lead, the movie revolves around a retired cricketer who re-joins his cricket team, to earn the respect of his son. Featuring a fantastic performance by Nani, chart-topping music by Anirudh Ravichander and spectacular writing and direction by Gowtam Tinnanuri, Jersey is an emotional rollercoaster ride you should not miss. A massive hit at the box office, remake of the movie is in the process in Hindi with the same director and produced by Karan Johar. 


A story of love, friendship, rejection and redemption, Ala. Ala is a refreshing Telugu movie starring impressive new actors like Bhargav, Malavika, Shilpika, Ankith and Deepti. Laced with mystery and intrigue, the movie touches your heart as much as it thrills. 


This one is a fun romantic drama that you should watch with your Kannadiga friends. Starring Vihaan Gowda, Sonal Monteiro and Akshara Gowda in the lead, the movie revolves around a piece of land that a group of youngsters are fighting for against a group of older men. To resolve the situation, a car race takes place. Whoever wins the race, gets the land. With a thrilling extended race sequence, beautiful songs and impressive performances, Panchatantra has everything people look for in an ideal weekend watch. 

So the season is going to be all fun and entertainment. Let us all enjoy all these movies. 

As monsoon begins to settle in, now is a good time to sit at home and catch up on all these movies. So, grab your popcorn packs and sit in front of your smart TVs or mobile screens, because ZEE5 has decided to make your monsoon the most delighted one.


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