Happy St. Patrick’s Day Quotes and Images Funny – Saint Patrick’s day is basically a day celebrated in Ireland. It is celebrated in most western countries. St. Patrick’s day parade takes place on this. Every person dresses in green. These green outfit is called Shamrock. Saint Patrick’s day is also called as Paddy’s day. Biggest festival of Irish people. On this day, people drink green beer and eat cabbage as much as they like.

Who is St. Patricks?

Saint Patrick is one, who is responsible for bringing Christianity to Ireland. So, a day on his name is celebrated. Earlier, it was celebrated in cultural way, but now people enjoy and celebrate in modern fashion.

Shamrock is symbol of Ireland. Saint Patrick used this clover as a symbol of Holy Trinity.

St. Patrick’s Day parade starts from 11th March. On 17th, there is big parade in the capital city. People show best of their performances.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Quotes and Images Funny

St. Patrick’s day images and wishes are mostly in green color. Saint Patrick’s Day is observed on every 17th of March.

Happy St Patrick's day 2018 quotes, images, sayings, blessings, idioms

St. Patrick’s Day Funny Quotes And Wishes

  1. I do not want you to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with me. I can enjoy the day Anyhow.
  2. Let the Green Clover soothe your eyes and calm your mind.


Happy St. Patrick's Day Quotes and Images Funny

3. I-Rish you a happy funny naughty Saint Patrick’s Day.

4. The greenest holiday on the planet is St. Patrick’s Day.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Quotes and Images naughty

5. Four Leaf Clover is rare to find. So is you my friend.

6. “Never Iron A Four Leaf Clover, Because you don’t wish to press your luck”

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7. Ireland is a beautiful land, but It’s beauty is complete only with you

8. Chasing Gold will never make anyone happy. I am Happy because I am with you.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Quotes and Images Saint patricks day images and wishes

9. “If you’re enough lucky to be Irish, you’re lucky enough!” -Irish Saying

10. “If I have any worth, it is to live my life for God so as to teach these peoples; even though some of them still look down on me.” – Saint Patrick

St. Patrick's Day Quotes and Images

11.May your pocket be heavy and heart be light, may the Good LUck reach you, every day  and night

12. The Bestest Green Holiday is round the corner. Saint Patrick’s day parade is just about to start.


13. Believe it or not, but This patrick day is going to be the best day  in your life.

14. Come to Ireland to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day.


15. On seeing the consumption of green beer, I assume the day is celebrated to control oversupply of Green Beer.

16. 17th March – St. Patrick’s Day, 18th March- Hangover Day


17. The pot of Gold and Rainbow together you get on this St. Patricks Day.

18. “Luck is believing you are lucky.” -Tennessee Williams

Happy St. Patrick's Day Quotes and Images irish-memes-funny-irish-quotes

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St. Patrick’s Images Funny

So Happy St. Patrick’s Day Quotes and Images Funny for you all. Send it to all your friends and enjoy Patrick’s Day with funny images and messages.

St. Patrick’s day is all about celebrations. An Irish knows how to party. A very popular saying, which is very true.