After packing from Jaipur City, we proceeded to Bikaner. We were so keen to worship Ajmer Sharif, Durgah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti that we instructed our driver to take route from there. Within two hours we reached Ajmer. If you are planning to visit Ajmer then please be precise about what you are wearing. Females should wear a complete head to leg covering dress with dupatta or saree and male should keep their heads covered. It was my second visit to Ajmer after a long time span.

I was totally in awe of visiting Ajmer Sharif, but my idea of the holiness of the place was completely broken when people around told me that be aware of pick pocketing, beggars and people inside the shrine. Still, it was difficult to believe, but as a precautionary measure we left our mobiles and purse in the car and went for hiring an Autorickshaw to the holy shrine. Again the thing came to me as a shock that Autowalas were asking for 300 rupees for the distance of 3 mins. Costlier than cab service in Mumbai. We agreed to pay for it as we were very eager to visit the holy shrine of Ajmer Sharif.

It is considered as a mark of dedication to offer Chadar at the shrine of Ajmer Sharif. We purchased a chadar of cloth that too was offered at quite a high rate compare to other cities with the commission of Auto wala. The flowers that I wished to offer Khwaja Sahab were also given to me in very¬† unfresh form, which I angrily denied and gave back. Finally, the person understood that now we won’t be fooled anymore, so he changed them for fresh good flowers.

There are two huge cooking vessels on the entrance of the shrine, which are called as Deg. Badi deg and Chhoti deg. It is said that these Degs were presented by Akbar as a thanks giving on winning Chittorgarh. It is believed that Sufi saints are real close to God and only religion they follow is humanity and commitment towards God. I have deep faith in Sufism and the belief of one God.

People come to pay homage to Dergah Sharif of Ajmer with great faith and belief that their prayers will be answered. With a trust that trust of Ajmer Sharif will look after some money making issues inside and outside Dergah, we paid our gratitude to Khwaja Saheb and left for Pushkar.


Pushkar is just 14 mins distance from Ajmer and it was just getting ready for Animal fair the other day. We could see huge number of foreign tourists present with their cams and videos to record the happenings at the Camel fair in Pushkar. We worshiped at Bhramajis temple and went to the lake of Pushkar.

Shraadh pujas were going around all the ghats and people were worshiping with full faith. It is said that people worship here for long life of their spouse and for relieving of the souls of their fore fathers as per Hinduism. In total, there are 52 Ghats around the lake. It gave a feeling of being at Ganga Ghat. There are many resorts around Pushkar, where you can relax and have some good time.

The next day was supposed to be the beginning of Pushkar Mela 2014. Here animals are bought and sold with a display of their breeds and statistics. It is a fun time to see the colors of Rajasthan. The most decorated Camels and men displaying their mustaches or beards. You can enjoy camel ride or camel cart ride here. But we were supposed to reach Bikaner so we left on the same day.

Shree Karni Mata

It took us around 8 hrs to reach Bikaner, which was very tiring. Our driving wanted to take us to the Karni Mata temple, but because of fatigue we became reluctant to go there. But he managed to take us there. It was worth visiting temple. As soon as we entered the main gate, we started witnessing a huge number of rats running here and there. Rats were having actual fun time. 3 or 4 big rats clinging to each other, running on our legs. It was not possible for me to stop screaming and getting a scold from temple trust. These rats are considered pious here and they are offered Prasad and taken care of. There are many facts of Karni Mata engraved in the museum there.

Day 2 of Rajasthan visit ended with all pilgrim places visit and finally reaching Bikaner.


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