The whole world is ready to welcome 2015, adding one more year to the life and calender. Say Bye Bye to 2014 with a cause. Celebrations and festivities are all around. I can hear Christmas carols and Santa wishes. Today is Christmas. The day will end in the next few hours. Christmas wishes will silent out and preparations for welcoming 2015 will start.  Happy New Year greetings, posters and wallpapers will flood the world of internet and media. The people would dance like not going to see the other day, booze out madly and hug their loved ones, wishing Happy New Year. All those screaming and shouting will persist whole night. After a few days, the world will start taking a regular pace and again few knocking issues of the world will make us think.

Amidst all this, I think that, how shall I celebrate the day, bid bye bye to 2014 and welcome 2015. It is not only me, but many of the people concerned around the world would be thinking. I wish to list down a few of my wishes that should happen or not happen in 2015.

bye bye 2014 welcome 2015

  1. Urbanization and progress is what I am seeing in every corner of my state and city. I wish the authorities to spare the trees. My society was the best place for me to live as it was covered with trees, but now that trees are cut for making cement roads, I feel a dryness everywhere. Can we expect green 2015? Save the trees.
  2. Taliban attack on school children of Peshawar has shook me off totally. Terrorists or groups of people fighting for one or other cause can have some standards and guidelines. Stop killing.
  3. No fights in name of religion. No religion teaches to educate people, how great they are in terms of their own religion. Come out of prejudice and accept the principle of all religion that every matter created by God is his own and treat all with love.
  4. Swachch Bharat, I love my nation and being an Indian, I wish my nation to be clean and prosper. The only thing needed from the government is some more dustbins at public places. I am getting tired of carrying wrappers in my purse.
  5. Save the girl child is the need of time. Prime states of India such as Rajasthan and Haryana have already started lacking in girls count. The girl child in your family can actually make your life worth and sweet. So embrace the blessings of God in the form of a girl child.
  6. Start respecting a female. She is not meant for a physical pleasure, but she is a human, who deserves to live with a dignity. Stop Rape.

Drugs, Narcotics, Human trafficking, riots and many more vices of society are actually eating up humanity. If we can say Bye Bye to 2014 by saying Bye Bye to such vices then we can have a better human place to live.  Welcome 2015 can be fruitful only if we abide by some simple rules of life and respect humanity. Wish all the readers Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2015.



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