Top 10 alternative medical practices – We are planning to create awareness through such articles. Whatever medicine practices, you prefer to follow, but in some hard times, such details can be helpful.

Alternative medical practices is a form of medicinal practice, which is not as per the regular standardized medicinal practice. These type of alternative therapies or alternative health care is practiced by a huge number of doctors. It is a category in the medicine, which is dealing with practices that are outside of mainstream areas.

All cultures and traditions have their own techniques and practices to heal. It is available as traditional medicines. Every region in the world have its own way of medical practices. There are more than 75 techniques of alternate medicines in various regions of the world.

Some of the techniques are Acupuncture for Chinese people, Shiatsu in Japan, Magnetic healing in France, Siddha and Ayurveda in India, etc. The following are the 10 alternative medical practices used all over the world.

Top 10 Alternative Medical Practices

Top 10 Alternative Medical Practices


The acupuncture technique is performed by penetrating the skin with fine needles at specific points. As per the healing treatment, it is believed that entire body is made of energy. You only need to ignite that energy to heal the body. So, in order to restore a healthy energy balance, needles are penetrated on certain points. It also treats chronic pain very well.


This system deals with applying pressure on the specific areas of the body. Generally, foot, ears or hands are given pressure such that pressing gives a positive improvement in the individual’s overall health. It has been found that this method is preferred for treatments to manage anxiety, asthma and diabetes. Nowadays, it is becoming very famous SPA treatment.


It is a life force energy approach, which is mostly used to treat mental distress. It is used to assist in achieving clear focus and clarity. Reiki covers many areas of human life rather then only health care.


A medicine based on the healing power of nature that involves a major treatment with herbal medicine. It is the best treatment of low back pain for the people of all age groups. Naturopathy treatments have vast arena for treating human diseases in the best healing way. It heals both mind and body.


Acupressure is a technique that is similar to Acupuncture except that the needles are not used. The medical practitioners apply pressure using the hands or elbows or feet. The pressure is applied along the individual’s meridians. It is based on the principle that the meridians are the channels that is meant to carry life energy throughout the body. The finger pressure is applied to the body to treat the stress, anxiety, aches, etc. One main advantage of acupressure is that it can reduce the anxiety in people, who are about to undergo surgery.


The methodology of shiatsu is based on the medical treatments of Chinese. With the fundamental concept of finger pressure massage, it is able to strengthen the body’s ability to balance itself. It is very much same like massage and acupressure. But its healing property and practice are great, if taken through any expert. This treatment has also become very famous in SPA treatments.


This treatment uses bathing as a technique to heal human body. This therapeutic treatment uses the spring water as it benefits the skin. Spring water consists of many minerals good for skin. It treats anxiety, swelling and severe pain. Balneotherapy can improve in the better functioning of the individual’s immune system. It is very effective in curing Psoriasis.


It is one of the oldest therapies that originated in India. Ayurvedic treatment deals with herbs and massage, with a motive to balance the body and mind.

Ayurveda is not just a therapy or practice. It works with entire human, mind, body and soul. But a sector of Ayurveda, Panchkarma, is very much effective treatment. A huge number of skin diseases, joint aches, hair fall, stress, weight loss, weight gain related problems can be solved through Panchkarma.


This approach monitors the metabolic changes in one’s own body. Biofeedback practice uses highly sensitive machines. It also treats insomnia well. It helps in training people to improve their strength by controlling the actions that take place involuntarily.


Graphology is an amazing alternative practice, where the experts can detect the problems in areas of your life, through your handwriting. The graphologist gives you certain correction that you have to make in your handwriting. They also claim to change your lives through change in your handwriting.

With this remarkable alternative medical practices, you can always look up, to heal self or some of your beloved.


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