Top 10 Healthy Foods for Healthy Life that we have listed today, should be included in regular diet to lead a healthy life with peace of mind.

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Healthy Food and Routine Exercise go hand-in-hand. Food plays the most essential role in building our overall health that can be effectively seen on how we look and helps discovering our energy capacity.

Top 10 Healthy Foods to eat

It is easier to achieve weight loss when you combine a healthy balanced diet with your exercising. Today, we are providing a list of top 10 healthy foods for men and women both.

Top 10 Healthy Foods to eat

Try to be creative to go for variety of dishes with some of these and prioritize to include them in your daily diet to effectively gain the ultimate benefits: We would just list it as Top 10 healthy foods to eat.

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  1. Beetroot – Beet root juice is often considered as a pre – workout food to stay active and push yourself a little more. It enhances metabolism; ability to burn excess of fat would be much higher and faster than normal. Excellent tonic and remember this is the BOSS in the vegetables. Beetroot is also an excellent food to avoid menstrual cramps.
  2. Honey – This natural sweetener is a powerhouse for the steady supply of blood sugar and insulin levels for a longer period resulting into an extremely powerful, speedy performance with endurance. Make it a practice to consume at least one tea spoon of raw or organic honey before you leave for your training. This is one among the top 10 healthy foods to eat for breakfast.
  3. Blueberries – These berries claimed top position in super food in recent years. Consuming them about 250 – 350 grams daily about 2 – 3 hours prior to your most intense training helps you with reduced inflammation, generation of multiple white blood cells boosting your immunity levels. You can always stock upon frozen blue berries as a cheaper option and it is both pre and post workout food.
  4. Milk – A must required ingredient for females and the most important in the list of top 10 healthy foods to eat for breakfast. Milk supports water absorption, provides muscle healing protein, refuels sugar and supplies calcium for the healthy bones. The best time to consume milk is after the workout or around bed time. After workout because it provides you with carbohydrates to recharge your energy and proteins to repair the torn muscles. The casein proteins digest slowly and can somehow also help you sleep by releasing sleep promoting serotonin and melatonin. You can either go for fat free milk option to loose weight and it can be also an important healthy food to gain weight, if taken in proper way.
  5. Salmon – An ideal source of fatty acid; Omega 3 to maintain your heart healthy with reduced memory loss effects on the age. Comparing it with Cotton seed oil and olive oil, those who consume fish oil have almost doubled the amount of these fatty acids for building new protein tissues. For vegans, the best alternative to seafood is flax seeds. Best food among the top 10 healthy foods for hair. It can give your hair that lustrous shine and bouncy look naturally.
  6. Sweet Potatoes – Sweet Potatoes are always a healthier option than the usual potatoes as it is packed with electrolyte potassium that helps to fend off the muscle cramping during the workout with other nutrients like iron, fiber, vitamin c and immunity boosting carotene.
  7. Tomatoes – Tomatoes are always included in salads and almost every sabji for its special protein-like hormone called Leptin that helps controlling your appetite and your metabolic rate.
  8. Bananas – You may find it little hard to believe but Banana is a perfect food for fitness for being highly compact, soft and full of nutrients. According to the Taiwanese nutritionists’ experts, they found more levels of potassium in the peel, with mood enhancer serotonin and eye protecting lutein. Their carbohydrates works just perfect to supply you with full energy and protein to help you with muscle cramping. So think twice before throwing off the banana skin. Thinking of Good food for you, then always think around all option. Top 10 healthy foods to gain weight includes banana too, but don’t be afraid, it can be helpful in losing weight too.
  9. Watermelon – A lot of us did not realize is that it is not only the centre most fleshy part full of nutrients but the shaded white rind has got maximum nutrients full of vitamin C and various antioxidants to call it the best health fruit. It is full of goodness in nutrients and essential in vitamins when consumed fully ripe.
  10. Cocoa – Cocoa is considered highly nutritious because of its richness in magnesium, antioxidants and amino acids. Ideally recommended to consume as close to the beans or sprinkle its powered form on fruit or yogurt. Always look for the chocolate bars with less sugar content and more with cocoa. More than 70% of its content is just close to the perfect for having a healthy cheat food like chocolates.

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Top 10 healthy foods for men and women are very well chosen for both. You can plan your diet in a way, where you can take bananas, milk and money in the breakfast as a health food, beetroot, tomatoes and sweet potatoes in evening brunch and the bar of dark chocolate as an evening desert to please your sweet tooth. Enjoy healthy life with healthy food. 🙂


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