Looking for top 10 Romantic date ideas for the second date? Dating is the time when two people who actually likes each other spend time together. This time is the best one which tickles you from inside. You feel highly excited, at the same time badly nervous and conscious. You can make the best out of it, if you plan it out first and then execute it to avoid any last moment hiccups. So guys, take the best advantage of this tips and make your girl feel that you care for her. You can love her more than anyone else on this planet. Before planning anything, just spend few minutes to understand nature of your girl. Is she adventurous kind of person or the one who loves calm and serenity around or the one who is a movie monger? Taking care of her likes can actually make your day and after all you want to woo her completely so take the top gear and move on.

Top 10 Romantic Date Ideas for her

Romantic dating ideas are so wonderful and exhilarating to plan that a person planning the date would love to fall in love again.

10 Stay At Home – Date Ideas

If you know your girl since long time and just planning to spend special time with her then you can arrange a beautiful Home day. It would be enjoyable to have a cooking session together. Dressing the table, arranging the dinner, playing carom or watching common favorite TV, movie at home sounds so much fun. This top 10 date ideas for the second date is great option to reach for 3rd date. You can also consider some romantic ideas for a night at home. Having a late night coffee with the one you love is an experience of its kind.


9 Beach Date Ideas – Picnic at the beach

Beach has always been romanticized and people in love enjoy to be at beach side holding hands or standing in waves, playing with water. You can make it a great day and can have endless topics to chat on. That beach sand, mats, beach wear and you two, sounds great.

unique date ideas for her

8 Ice Skiing –  adventure date ideas

If you have an adventurous babe then Man! its the time to enjoy and have fun. Ice Skiing is such a fun with an adventurous partner. You can exchange tips and make the best of the adventure date day.

creative date ideas for couples

Romantic date ideas for valentine

7. Visit to down town – Top 10 Romantic Date Idea for married couple

Visiting some town with natural scenery and those silent lanes with beauty all around can kindle the romance and make you both feel romantic and close to each other. This is the most romantic date ideas for married couples.

creative date ideas for couples walk

6. Golfers Club

Holding the golf sticks and walking down the green lane is like keeping yourself engaged in activity and actually working on relationship. What if you or your girl don’t know golfing but making an attempt to play this elite game is also fun. You get chance to get intimate while practicing stick holding together. This is one among the great date ideas for couples.

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5. Long Drive

Long drives are always fantasized by girls as perfect dating option. How good it sounds when you both are dressed in your best and sharing a seat of a sports bike, your girl holding you tight and talking to winds. What if you have Car and no bike, then too, no problem. It can be more romantic, dressing up in best of your party dress, playing soft, romantic music and holding each others hands. Sounds perfect. Isn’t it one more great date ideas for couples.

4 Long Walk

We have left no option for you to plan any date ideas. Yes the most easiest and sober means of dating idea is asking for an evening walk together. Only care taken should be selection of place for walking. Walking side by side or holding hands can be incomparable when it is your first date with the person you love. This is also one among the best option for second date idea with the same person.


3 Concerts

Once again, considering an outgoing girl, you can ask her for a concert and reply in Yes is perfectly expected. Just be prepared to have fun. Keep in mind selection of concert theme as per her likes or else disasters are welcome. Going through top 10 date ideas for second time was just fun and now going through the last ones.

2. Movie date

Movie date idea is the most common and casual date one can ask for. Actually it can turn out just like some casual friendly meeting but if your girl is tough to gain then you can definitely start with a movie date.

1. Wine and Dine

That breezy evening, candle lights, lovely dinner and the best person with you, sounds perfect isn’t it? Yes!!. Any girl would dream for this wonderful evening in her teens or youth with the person for whom she has fallen for. So what makes this the most romantic idea so far?? Who knows, but it gives a feeling of sailing on cloud nine. Adding Champagne to the whole idea changes complete mood of being together. Though this option can be the most expensive one among the all but winning the one you love is far more precious then anything. Don’t forget for romantic decor and soft music. Finally, wait for that lovely moments.

Dine and Unwind fun date night ideas


Go Man! and gain your girl. Make the best of the day  and enjoy the time being together. Good date ideas for couples are just waiting for you to grab one of them. top 10 romantic date ideas for her is complete now.














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