Tattoos are the most symbolic expression of one’s life, their beliefs and their emotions. They are cool, trendy and more than that they are permanent which means it promises to remind you and your story for as long as you stay. Every tattoo connects you with something. It might me a craving desire for freedom, love or ones persona. Girls and tattoo designs go hand in hand like something cute, something to urge for so presenting a list of top 10 tattoo designs for girls.

Best Tattoo Designs For Girls

There are many different kinds of symbols but the Top 10 Tattoo Designs For Girls are:

  • Heart shaped tattoo: Heart is the most simplified symbol showing love. Heart with an arrow symbolizes that you are totally gone love struck while a broken heart symbol shows the pain one has gone through. A very common and still powerful tattoo is an appealing sign among women. This idea equally goes well with tattoo ideas for women.

heart tattoo designs for girls on hand

  • Butterfly tattoo designs for girls: A beautiful symbol of butterflies connects you with nature. It says “You are as simple and still a composite. You are beautiful though you are natural”. Also it symbolizes a change the way that butterfly undergoes transformations. It is a symbol for undefined glory. Butterfly tattoo designs are simple yet elegant and looks best on shoulder, hands or even ankles. Front shoulder blade tattoos are very famous in some parts of the world. This is one among the most popular tattoo designs for Indian girls.

butterfly tattoos for girls       Tattoo Designs for girls on back shoulder

  • Dove tattoo ideas for girls: Dove is a symbol for endless love and peace. For cultural emblem dove is a holy spirit and so it represents peace with god. Various myths shows dove as their companions for pure devotion and a promise of hope and liberation. When two doves are drawn into the same angel it shows loyalty towards each other. It has been the most desiring symbol as a tattoo for women to express their self being. I consider dove as the most adorable tattoo ideas

tattoo ideas dove       love tattoo quotes for girls

  • Fairies and angels [Angels tattoo designs for girls]: “A divine symbol to connect the energies from heaven to earth”.

A simple drawing of a girl with wings has many meanings to it. It shows the inner powers that one possess behind a close shell. These are imaginary creatures providing an evidence of magic and mystery. What an elegant tattoo designs for women on back. Just adorable. Angel tattoo designs and Angel wings tattoos are like carrying message of the angels on your self. Tattoos of fairies and angels for girls are very popular as girls are always like a little fairy at their dad’s place.

fairies tattoo ideas for women

  • Zodiac Tattoo ideas for women: A tattoo lives as long as you live. So it is very important to choose a one that you won’t regret with time. Have Birth signs as a tattoo is a very common and trendy form to go with. It is a magnificent symbol showing a pride that you are born with a great sign. It is one among the best from Top 10 Tattoo designs for girls.


  • Name Tattoo Designs: There are many forms of name initials. One writes their own names or even the names for their loved ones. Tattooing the loved ones initials on the ring finger is a recent trend among women. It proves to be a unique gift showing a permanent loyalty towards the partners. Tattoo designs for girls names are specially designed as per the name and like/dislike of a person.


  • Sanskrit tattoo quotes: A mere choice among youngsters showing their pride for their culture and heritage. It is cool and still very meaningful. It is a choice to be carved because of their artistic shapes and sacred meanings. It starts you out in the crowd.

back-sanskrit-tattoo designs

  • Anklet tattoo designs: Are you fan of wearing anklets? Then carve it permanently. The most common form of tattoos seen among girls. It is cool and looks beautiful. One can shape it to any form within the encircled region. It can hold any symbol described above within it. Tattoo designs for girls feet is highly sought after.


  • Tattoo quotes designs: Everyone has their own ideology. The sentence you choose describes ones personal experience with life. It may be bitter or happy. It reminds you for all the times that you went through your life. These are mostly the teachings you have learned and want to share others. Tattoo quotes for girls designs are always in discussion and people find a lime light with such Tattoos for girls. Girls love to have such tattoo quotes such as dad’s lil gal, angel or love kind of tattoo quotes on their wrist, ankles, or arms.

tattoo quotes designs

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  • Wrist tattoo designs for girls: Wrist tattoos are more popular as these would be the most visible region for you and others to have a look on your symbols. Like anklets most women prefer jeweler designs or insects, flowers or short phrases. Tattoos on wrist are definitely a symbol of authority and so are appealing. Tattoos for girls on wrist always captures attention and an appealing way of showing your statement.

wrist tattoo designs for girls

Oh, what a lovely world of tattoo designs for girls! Anyone can fall in love with such cute tattoo designs for girls. The simpler the tattoo designs are more are they appealing to anyone.





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