How To Make A Woman Happy? Is a Question entire man kind is searching the answer for. Woman, the species, itself is designed in a very trivial manner. We have a huge set of emotions. Emotions that can range from the most tender of all, to the toughest of moods. We can be the most beautiful person and the same time, the worst to ever meet. The nature of a woman is difficult to predict and most importantly, hard to please. I mentioned, hard to please, phrase as it is a typical woman nature, which any man should understand, to please her. After all, you are going to get, whatever you give in multiples.

How To Make A Woman Happy

After reading the list below, perhaps you can make out that woman don’t need much, sometimes, just a simple hug can do everything. So let us go through How To Make A Woman Happy?

1. We need to feel loved.

It is understood that you love her, but she wants the feeling of love. Sometimes, make her feel that you love her. She wants to be special in your life.

2. We like to hear those three little words. “I Love You”.

With times, these three little words, I Love You have become very cheap but all woman can understand the difference between the words spoken from heart and the fake one.


3. Make us feel important.

Though woman never want you to sacrifice anything for her, sometimes, she expects you to postpone or cancel something important to you to be with her. It is just a feminine standard of measuring, how much important, She is for you.

Top 10 Tips How To Make A Woman Happy

4. A woman needs your time.

Yes, time. After getting into any relationship, males tend to be free like their original character. They want to hang out like boys, those care free night outs and just moving around freely. A woman respects your independence, but don’t treat us as burden in your life. She has left around so much to be with you, just make her feel that her existence is valuable for you.

love woman

5. Money, actually does not matter.

I have seen so many couples that have nothing like prosperity. A simple life, that’s it. But still they seem to be so happy with each other. Why? Because, here male knows to appreciate his partner. Those small gestures, that can make her feel happy.

happy woman's day

6. Small gifts does matter

If you feel that she requires only diamonds then you are wrong man. She requires, a person like a diamond. She requires a heart who has a thought for her in it. She feels so much of love, when you go out for some other work and you come home with a beautiful flower for her. It would be like a whole world to her. What pleases her is that, you have her, somewhere at the back of your mind.

woman-talking to a man

7. Talkative- Manufacturing defect.

Woman are talkative. You can say, it’s a manufacturing defect. A woman feels like sharing everything and every stuff around the day to discuss with the person, she loves. What it costs? Just listening. But don’t show your dumbness. React man. I think this is the best way to solve the query how to make a woman happy.

love making couple

8. She cannot share you

Yes, in this matter, she is exactly like you. She knows that you will always be staring at other girls, though you have a beauty queen at home. It is acceptable. But the day, she comes to know that you are actually trying to woo some other woman or some other woman is at the back of your mind then don’t mind explosion.

open heart emotions

9. Don’t lay burden of your nature on her.

This is a vice-verse situation. The things that can make you happy can not always be a happy situation for her. Give a moment and think something that can make her happy.

Happy fashion woman on the beach

10. Plan a vacation

I would say, vacations should be inevitable part of anyone’s life. Especially, for couples. It’s a time when you both are free from regular chores. Here, you can gift her the best moments of life.

So, if you really love her and confused on how to make a woman happy in your life, then throw these tantrums on her. She is definitely going to be bowled out and love you from the core of her heart.


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